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Bahaha, like a lot of people here, I use to cut. Don't now because I somehow gained a fear of seeing myself bleed, though. I never did it for attention-but to know that I was still able to /feel/. My friend saw the cuts and... How kind of her. She would grab my arm, pull my shirt's sleeve up, and make jokes about it. In fact, she still does. That, admittingly, made me feel even worse about myself. I-repeatedly-begged my mom to let me talk to a psychiatrist about it. I never told her about the cuts however; as it is, she once cut herself as well. You know what she told me? 'Another day.' Even though she saw how unhappy I was, she ignored it.

Still, just by /one/ person asking me to stop-me harming myself meaning something to them-I did. With difficulty, I managed to. I still have those scars, and they're reminders of how ugly I am. Still... One damn person caring is all I really wanted in a way. If you call me a poser-worthess even-who are you to judge? Only god can decide who's life has meaning, and you don't even know me except for this.

I understand that cutting is bad, and I'm not wanting anyone to do it. It brings more harm then good... Even in my case it hardly mattered to begin with. Still yet, it's someone's own selfish choice. Something we make every day concerning the most simple of things. I also agree with everyone here in a way... Except for the person who said cutters are all worthless.

So yeah, it's bad in my opinion even if it's done by choice.
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Weaved, I feel the same about most of what you said. If only one person actually cared, then it would mean more then anything to me and I would stop. And finally, after years, I have. my girlfriend, actually. One person is all it took to change my life.
My other so called 'friends' would just look and joke. They would say I was an idiot and that if I felt that bad, then I should just check into some mental aslyum.
I have stopped cutting since I last posted on this thread, mostly because of m girlfriend, I would do, or stop, anything to make her happy, and her being happy makes me happy. Happier then anything.
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Cutting may help for a few seconds but it doesn`t last. I used to cut but no one ever saw them. No they were not even on my wrists but up on my legs. But if you think nothing is good in life your wrong. It only takes one thing to change a life. My boyfriend changed mine, made me one of the happiest people ever. I learned to live. I only bring up the issue when others cut because I`ve been one of the people that have done it and wish for others not too.
If you have friends that know you do cut they are not real friends. Real friends will help you. But if you want to get the pain to go away for a few seconds go take some advil PM and go sleep it off. Or if you want to just feel the pain punch your arm as many times. Or take up a hobby. It is hard and I understand but it is fixable.

Every Life matter, I`ve lost a friend to depression and had to watch someone cut. I knew how they felt when realized I did. I never got help and I regret that. Every life matters.
And everyone deserves to have a happy life. Not a life that they will remember because of the scars.

Cutting is bad. Choice or not.I agree with the 2 posts above me.♥♥♥

"Somebody give me a sign. That everything's going as planned. And then everything falls away, into the darkness of this shallow place. The detail is striking. The room's cold and frightening. You'll kick and you'll scream. You'll try everything to survive.."
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Cutting won't help at all. Just because it relieves you for a minute doesn't mean that you start feeling like crap later. No, I do not cut myself, but I have a friend who died because she lost too much blood from cutting herself. Why would you put yourself at risk? It's like smoking to relieve depression, all it does is shorten your life and ruin your lungs.... Your not doing yourself any favors.

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People who smoke, it's like an addiction to them.
It's very hard to stop. Same with cutting too. Only a few handful of people can make themselves stop. People will go to extra lengths to get that high. For me cutting was a high.
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Obviously there isn't anything /good/ about it, it causes scars and makes you seem dumb or pitiful in the other people's eyes. And at least to me, the last thing I want to seem like is pitiful. I used to cut too, and I used to think it helped me, but it really doesn't.

If you have problems, tell it. You have a mouth to speak with. If you can't speak, write. If you can't write, well, then you can consider hurting yourself I guess. But that's not for too many of us, anyway.

Speak about your problem, don't let it swell inside of you. If your parents won't listen to you, just go to the hospital. They have given an oath to help. They have to.

That is too true.
Regardless of what I said above,I still sometimes have the urge to hurt myself. It's so hard to someone who hasn't hurt themselves AND felt the high to understand that urge, and sometimes it's hard for me to understand it too. /: But. Yeah. Been struggling and kept from hurting myself anyway.
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I don't have anything against cutting. I will not interfere with the reason behind doing it, I just think they need help. There isn't any minimum requirement for having the right to live. The scars are a proof that you survived the worst time of your life. Be proud of being alive, and never regret. :heart:
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I don't believe that all people cut/burn themselves for attention.
I believe that some people actually have problems that they don't know how to deal with, but the fact you made this board and had to announce that you cut yourself is just one giant cry for attention.
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Look cutting is a horrible thing. People do do it. I never cut myself on purpose I only cut myself accidently like once I was chopping onion and of course I started crying so my eyes went blurry so I couldn't see where I was cutting and I ended up cutting my finger (not the whole thing). But I just don't get why people want to cut themselves.. is it beacuse they feel much better cutting themself or they like seeing blood everywhere?

You know what's really annoying?

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Stardust. It's a feeling that it gives you when your brought so down in emotion that makes you feel good for awhile. It's like a high and makes you feel good but then reality sets in and it hurts. That's why they do it. Then you go the ones that do it for attention cause they have no understanding of it.

"Somebody give me a sign. That everything's going as planned. And then everything falls away, into the darkness of this shallow place. The detail is striking. The room's cold and frightening. You'll kick and you'll scream. You'll try everything to survive.."
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