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The next Pocket Points event is coming up.
It's going to be a D&D Style adventure/mini plot hosted mostly through Verfans.(some parts will be in Veropian blogs) The prizes are as follows(although more are likely to be added.)
Temporal EssenceMemoria EggStardust
Super TurkeyStrawberry PuddingUnusual Teapot
Phantom Giblet's FeatherDressed Giblet's Feather

However, the main main storyline is still up for planning. The basics are ready but what would be most interesting a story? (And who should be the Dungeon Master?)
THIS EVENT WILL BE STARTING IN MID-MAY. (Likely starting May 15th.)

The Enchanted Tophat - by Alina - Alina's Tophat has been stolen! Find out who did it and recover her beloved hat.
The Verbie Rescue Center - by Mikhail - Mikhail's Verbie daycare has heard of some missing Verbies, find them all and get them back to their owners.
Around Ver in 180 Winds - by Kiraani - Kiraani's stopping at several places around Ver, join her on her adventures.
High Sea Patrol - by Mollie - Mollie's out on duty protecting Ver's seas from pirates and marauders! Are you ready to help her, or hinder her?
Painting a Season - by Lyrena - Lyrena's new painting to represent the seasons needs something special. Find her something for each season!
The Storm - by Elise - Elise fears a major storm is coming to Ver. Help her get the island ready by preparing different regions of Ver.
Wrath, you're a Nerd. Host a regular event.

(I voted for None or Other just so that I could see the results. Really wish the maker could see them without voting.)

Other Info
The verfans site will allow you to follow different possible paths to different endings. Through which you will earn new abilities that will all be tracked on a Verfans pet listing that shows how everyone is doing. New parts to the adventure will be released every few days and everyone is free to complete them at their own pace.
The campaign will stay up until all prices have been claimed.

The urls for each possible outcoming will be random strings of numbers/letters to avoid people going for what they believe will be the best possible outcomes.

Each outcome for the different campaign sections will be worth points and/or abilities that help you get through the campaign. By finishing the campaign you post your final score.

Anyone caught sharing outcomes or scores will be banned. Discussing the main portions of the storyline is okay though. Final scores will not be posted until a few days after the campaign is beaten.

D&D / Choose your Adventure
To avoid the complexities of D&D for those unfamiliar there will be only 4 classes to pick from and the campaign will use Ver's stats. Each has 1 starting ability (max of 2 abilities) and 1 trait as listed below.
Fighter - TrainedStart each encounter with an extra D4.(trait) - Combat Roll 1 use per encounter, roll a D6 to avoid all damage(ability)
Traveler - Roads Less TraveledStart with a basic map of different locations.(trait) - Camp 1 use per region, rest to regain all health/mana(ability)
Mage - Arcane KnowledgeYou have space for a 3rd ability.(trait) - Vemonous Spark 1 user per encounter, rolla D6 to poison a target(ability)
Merchant - Words of HoneyStart with 25 gold and a gold bonus from all loot.(trait) - Barter 1 try per NPC, roll a D10 to try to gain extra information(ability)

The only dice will be the D4, D6, and D10. (all of which will be rolled via an online random generator.)
*Regions are based on a Map that will be released with the event start.
*Encounters will be uncommon but will have loot.
*Potions or Inns can be used to regain health/mana but cost gold.
*NPC's have options only available if you've completed certain tasks or when bartered with.
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To me, I think Around Ver in 180 Winds sounds like it may be the most interesting, just because it sounds like there's a possibility to go into a variety of settings. Some of the other ones sound a little like fetch quests, which are fine of course, but not my personal favorite.

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This event is now being design and the pre-release will be out soon~
People will be able to take a look at the basics and plan a little.

It will be a solo adventure based around the 180 Winds storyline. In the future I may try my hand at group adventures as well.

Anyone who would like updates on release of the event or prize pool are welcome to sub to this topic. As I get closer to releasing the first Region(about 8 are planned each with 3 main sections of interactions and story) an official contest forum will be created.

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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Sounds really cool :D
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