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Pocket Points is a 50 Mil giveaway and item prize event starting on Janruary 15th!
Everyday competitors will be able to watch the prize pot grow until it hits 50 Mil at which point the till will be broken up between the people with the highest scores. In addition several rare item prizes will be going out such as a Skull of Death! There are a variety of smaller prizes including seasonal items, rare verbies, high tier Pickaxes, and Strawberry Puddings.
Anyone may compete and high scores will be updated regularly. You may join at any time. That competition is expected to take 100 days approximately with 500K (or more) going into the pot each day.

Between now and the start date you'll be able to practice an OR challenge and to see how they work. A new challenge will occur every Sunday!
You must submit a screenshot to me via Vercomm in order to complete these! Incomplete or old screenshots will not be accepted. Edited screenshots will also be disqualified. (Blocking out personnel info is fine.) Try to include the time at the top of Ver and the SB as much as possible in screenshots.

Prize Pot
50 Mil / 50 Mil (35 Mil for 1st place, 10 Mil for 2nd place, and 5 Mil for 3rd place)
Updated: April 2nd
Start: Jan 15
End: April 24

Current Challenge - April 9th to April 23rd!
This is a Grand OR Challenge worth 1 point!
You'll earn 1 point for every challenge you complete! Screens can be uploaded to a verfans for the easiest viewing.
(Screenshots required)

1. Win 300 battles with a single pet OR Get a pet from 0 EXP to 20,000 EXP
2. Complete 3 Lava Monster Missions OR get 3 rewards from the Mysterious Pudle
3. Find 6+ Shells on a single dive OR complete 2 Necklaces for Orchard
4. Add 5 items to your collections OR Complete any collection in the games room
5. Win 3 items from Flash Games OR Pick the correct number in Pick a Number
6. Win an item from Tombola OR Complete a Hard Verdoku
7. Click 5 verbies to any hundred(100, 200, etc) mark OR Click any verbie to a 500 mark (500, 1000, etc)
8. Grow any 5 things in your garden OR buy 10 Seeds of any kind.
9. Complete any shop quest with a reward of 100,000vp+ OR Complete 10 Shop quests
10. Unlock a new Avatar OR Find something in the Oasis
11. Complete a quest for Liviana OR Complete 4 quest for Cyrus
12. Eat at Buck's food Court OR Play in the Middleion Park
13. Get an item drop from a Wild Pet OR Defeat 1 of each default color of any Pet(Red, Green, Yellow and BLue)
14. Get 2 Training boosts in a single session OR Get 5 training boosts
15. Get a species changer from one of your pets OR Use a species changer on a pet
16. Craft different items OR Smelt 4 different items
17. Win any 3 games of Spin for Combs OR Win 4,000vp+ From Double or Nothing
18. Earn 1,000vp+ from a single fishing turn in OR Turn in 50+ pounds of Fish
19. Win an item from Fruit Machine OR Win an item from a Scratchcard
20. Collect 10VP+ in bank interest OR Start a 1 Month CD

BONUS - 10 points for anyone to complete all 40 tasks.

Score board
Cherrii - 78 Points
Clover - 27 Points
Hannahyejin - 9 Points
Nightcrawler - 55 Points
Ravette - 7 Points
Shiori - 1 Points
Yuiko - 35 Points

Previous Challenges
Super Sale (Cherrii, Yuiko 5 points each)
All Loot Here (Cherrii, Yuiko, Nightcrawler 9 points each and Hannahyejin, Clover 8 points each)
Zero to Hero (Cherrii, Night 7 points each and Yuiko, Clover, Shiori 1 point each)
King of the Hill (Yuiko 8 Points and Cherrii, Clover, Ravette, and Nightcrawler 7 points each.)
Can we keep it? (Cherrii, Yuiko, and Nightcrawler 2 points each)
All Loot Here (Cherrii and Nightcrawler 9 points each, Clover 1 point)
Beat that! (Cherri and Nightcrawler 6 points each, Yuiko, and Clover 3 points each)
King of the Hill! (Cherrii, Nightcrawler, Clover, and Yuiko 7 points each)
OR (Cherrii 7 points)
Profit Web (Nightcrawler 9 points, Cherrii 7 points)
King of the Hill (Cherrii 12 points)

Challenge Types
All Loot Here - gather the listed items
Beat that! - Have one of the highest 5 scores between all competitors.
Can we keep it? - Receive Referral Points from a verbie click.
King of the Hill - Beat Zeph's score to win.
OR - Complete one task from each selection.
Quester - Have one of the highest 5 scores for the assigned NPC(not based on Ver's high score list.)
Super Sale - Locate the tagged items in the main shops for less then official price. (No need to buy, just screen them!)
Zero to Hero? - Complete the listed training and battle goals.

(New challenges can appear throughout the competition.)

Ready to go?
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Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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I'm not sure how well I'll do, but this sounds fun to try. xD

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Looks fun, hopefully I'll have the time to play this week.

Posting my practice screens for funsies:

Set 1-
Set 2-
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I'm in, but only for your delicious tears.
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I think I'll join:)
Just checked schedule so I'm in!:)
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I've just dropped today's 500K into the pot~

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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/throws self at this/

I would like to be in this. o3o

My birthday is on January 11th! Party all day, erryday!! o3o
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I'll play c:
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I thought I'd share this screenshot that made me giggle this morning.
I've been sitting on an unfinished Doku for a few weeks now. And when I completed it this morning it gave me a fantastic score!

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
25 / 100 Mil VP earned
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oh wait a minute hmmmm... lol
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