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...aiming for rp and friends for my pets. Cerberus is excluded.
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Name: , more commonly known as Bunny
Seeking: Friends, Buddies, Possibly companion maybe. RP required for companion (derp), RP would be nice for an enemy, but no RP is required to be buddies. C: Although if they do become buddies, Bunny will probably treat your pet like a minion.
Race: Angel-Demon hybrid
Age: Appears quite young
Personality: Loud, assertive, willful, stubborn, secretly compassionate

Name: shamrock
Seeking: any form of roleplaying. It may be hard to get much more out of him though, because he has a literal -fear- of talking.
Race: Kami/yokai
Age: 17
Personality: Quiet, easily dominated/influenced, submissive

..And that's it for now. This is all I feel like posting. They both have pretty detailed profiles and image refs, which are sadly, yes.. Selfys. .o. Durhur, sorry.

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Looking for some roleplays for and several other pets. Look to my profile for a complete list but Jules takes priority. Vercomm or comments are fine.
Seeking: Buddies, Enemies, and Companion but ALL must be done through some form of Roleplay FIRST
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I'm looking for pet roleplays too~
I don't have them on my profile but you are welcome to 'comm me and talk to me about what you want to do. They all need buddies, enemies and companions, but companions won't be instantaneous.
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I'm looking for role plays for most my boys. ;; There are ever so many to choose from...! Hopefully some shall appeal to a few people? o: I'll accept buddy/enemy requests without role playing, but companion requests would require interaction! Role play via comments is fine~ Take pity on me! :heart:

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I'm new, but I'm looking for pet roleplays. c:
They're all there on my profile, and most of them, (all but one?) have their stories and everything all typed out on their profiles. Some are more interesting than others, but they all need buddies, enemies and companions.
Um, any takers? c:
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Hey there, I'm looking for some RP for my two pets Magda and Giorgio. You can find out more about them on their pages. I RP furry anthro, just FYI. I'm looking for friends, enemies, and a companion for Magda. Vercomm me for more details. :)
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Looking for students for to teach. He prefers female students, for obvious reasons. He currently has a companion-but that doesn't stop him from flirting with the ladies. He teaches Biology, but whenever rping he might just be talking to his students instead of teaching. He has a bad habit of not doing his job-to instead glance at all of the female students he is interested in.

He also has a dark secret. He's a fallen angel-but will only let the one's he trusts know that fact about him.
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I'd like to RP Amian

He's of Japanese heritage, has blue hair, kinda short, and wears jeans and blue shirts that are to big for him.

Amian's shy, and really cautious. Basically an uke.
He's bi, just so you know. ;3 :heart:
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Okay, my pet needs some male BATTLING friends, (or enemies, that'll be fun too) :3 Also looking for a female companion. Please don't RP with human characters, he is an aviatrin, as noted. Vercomm me if you want to roleplay. :D
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