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Most of my pets are looking for serious roleplays~ Please comm me if interested! (:
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My lil girl needs some gangstas to rp. Comment on my profile if you're interested, or just start up a random rp with her.
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, or Charlie, as I call her is a musical virtuoso who's dream is to play in the greatest concert halls in the world. Unfortunately she has to survive life first. Apart from her mad music skills though, she has the ability to make noise at various frequencies(so she could literally break glass with her voice) and alter sound waves. She's looking for other musically inspired characters to befriend. As for companionship, Charlie is looking for someone supportive and maybe a little mysterious. Doesn't have to be human. Roleplay required
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is seeking random buddies and perhaps a light roleplay? Just comment him if you'd be interested. <3
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Like Watership, Boomie wants random friends too. <3

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Quartet - Cassander is an orphan who was tossed out into the streets because his family thought he was seeing and hearing things related to the devil, when he was actually hearing angels. His father is the fallen angel Lucifer, and he was born for the sole purpose of being Lucifer's disposable whenever something goes wrong. Currently he is classified as a half human, half angel prodigy with the ability to compose music from the music he hears in the everyday lives of average people, although when he turns eighteen, he will gain the ability to be a full angel. He is usually rather kind and caring, and wouldnt mind randomly speaking with strangers. He is a bit quiet when he speaks however, and it takes awhile for him to trust anyone. He is also partially blind.
Looking For: Buddy Requests and Companionship. Role play is required for both. He is straight and is not fairly picky, if the person is nice and appeals to his natural tastes then they can be possible game for a relationship with him.

Die - Hector is what is known as a 'punk angel'. They dont take orders form the good or bad angels, and they tend to have masochistic and rather odd ways of living. He is a drug addict and also a 'angel vampire'. He drinks demon, human, and angel blood, and when blood is spilled he loses control similar to a vampire. He is overall very laid back and willing to take on anything or anyone. He doesnt mind having friends although most tend to shy away from him, so he is rather lonely besides the company of his two brothers.
Looking For: Buddy Requests and Companionship. Role play is required for both. He is bi-sexual. He tends to be willing to make friends with anyone, and he is the natural flirt out of his other two brothers. He doesnt mind attention and is always willing to give it to any person who catches his eye. He is still rather picky though, and you have to be careful to make sure he is not just leading you.

- Aldorich is a split between good and evil. he was born to two dogs, one from heaven and the other from the underworld. His abilities vary, and so does his personality. He came to live on earth between his two homes due to the constant battle over who 'owns' him and where he belongs. Most of the time he travels around, hiding in the shadows so he is not spotted by any stray humans, and the rest of the time he is trying to stay alive as he escapes the hands of demons who are out to kill him.
Looking For: Buddy Requests and Companionship. Role play required for both. He is bi-sexual. Aldorich is easily pleased by any company and will quickly warm up to someone if they show that they are not a possible enemy. He tends to be lonely, so getting to know someone can be hard on his part since he is not used to social interaction.

Wreckage - Ty was once a human orphan who was taken in by a martial arts master who was actually an ancient guardian of the earth. When his master died, he took control over the 'business' and was transformed into a monstrous lion. In this form he is able to travel the earth fairly easier, and with the bell around his neck he can call upon the forces of nature to help anyone and everyone. He can still transform into a human, and by doing so he has been known to make friends in many places.
Looking for: Companionship. Role play required first. Bi-seuxal although sometimes appears to lean towards being straight. He is rather kind, caring, and overly wise. He sometimes goes on about how glorious life and everything else is, without even noticing it. He warms up quickly to anyone, even those who are overly rude and cruel.

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Im Taking this 1 at a time~

;; Chloe is tired of being mean, and rebelious, shes looking for someone to love her and give her what she craves. She's young, yes, but she wants a companion, someone thatll warm up to her imediatly.

What She Wants;; Chloe is looking for a F/F relationship. Granted, she'll go for a F/M relationship, but itll take longer for her to adjust. Shes the dominent partner in the relationship, or at least she will try to make that clear but will settle to be the UKE if she likes you enough

How to approach her;; You must be straight-forward with your intentions. Just comment on her profile
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Darn you easter 2011!!
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All my pets are looking for friends and enemies. Some are looking for companions.
Vercomm me for more information and to work out a roleplay.
NOTE: Most of my pets are either females looking for females or males looking for males. It's rare, but some are not.

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is famous. :) he needs a proper fan-base so he'll be accepting any buddy requests!
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Tots not as famous as Water, Tomb. ;DD /him and his stuck up punnybutt
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