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Ignore this. I got rid of these two. ):
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My pet AveyTare needs a companion, preferably female.
He's a a musician and a bit of a could-cuckoolander.
I don't really RP, so specifics aren't too important.
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im LAWAYS looking for roleplays for him, i dont care what type of rp wheater its:
"Hi"he said Or
-comes up to you- hi!

or wheater its quad or human

Thank you

Darn you easter 2011!!
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, , , , and are all open for RP. C: I'll get comment modules up on all of their profiles eventually!
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Here again for my newest pet He isn't looking for anything but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try....also his owner is trying to play match maker. If you want any sort of relationship with him a roleplay is required!

Devata is a Native American dark spirit, though it is easier just to call him what we in modern times know him as: a vampire. Devata lives a rich and sophisticated life but he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty either. He was in love once, a long, long time ago but his father, a cruel monster, killed her. Devata has closed himself off emotionally because of this, so it may be hard to gain companionship right away. Devata hates his own kind so he probably won't go for any other mythical creature types as a companion , but friendship is possible. If Devata were to find a companion it would have to be a strong, independent man or woman. He has a lot of love locked away inside but it has got to be equal thing.

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Gotta collect 'em all!
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Looking for buddies/enemies/companions for most of my pets. ouo Roleplay is a must for all of them (unless the buddy/enemy request is cause their names fit together or something).

These are the ones currently finished and ready for roleplay, but as I finish more pets I'll make a separate post for them. More details are available on all of their profiles.

I prefer to RP over profile comments, please. ouo

Azalea: Human, anthro, or quad, but she'll be in a quad form regardless.

Starbuck: Human and anthro.

Antimatter: Human, anthro, or quad.

Ry: Human and anthro.

: Anthro only.

Upgrade: Human and anthro.

Daiquiri: Human and anthro.

Dynasty: Human, anthro, or quad.

Cyberspace: Human and anthro.

Laurie: Human and anthro.

Grove: Human and quad only.
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I'm looking for Roleplay, friends, enemies, etc for all my pets.
I can talk details through vercomm :D Just drop me a message!
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Edited my post on page 1 - added one more pet! (:
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Pets with * will not require any roleplays for buddy/enemy requests. Pets with ** will require roleplays, either pet comments or through vercomm. Though I'd much rather they rp through pet comments, as I am too busy for a whole vercomm at the moment.
All pets have basic information and pics for you, so we shouldn't have any problem there.

* Abe

* Roy

** Sabu

** Kutner

** Kazume


** Dragunov

** Tekken

** Dufresne

* Hwoarang - For enemies only

* Jinpachi

* Zukiko

* Shrykull - Virals only



Also. Aibou and Marill are looking for fellow Poke'buddies. Anthro or quad, it doesn't matter. Drop them a pet comment anytime, as I will want them to rp a bit before accepting the request.
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My darling boy Showoff is once again seeking female companionship. He's very flirtacious, and sometimes cocky, but all at the same time he can be very romantic too.
He will also accept buddy and enemy requests, no questions asked and no RP required. In fact, he'd probably accept any companionship request as well, as long as the pet is female.
So, anyway.. he's really friendly and fun, so hit him up!
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