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Originally posted by the user Setachan, archived on Mar 7th 2017
Well Here I go. :,D Forgive the (likely) long post.
Divided by how much role-play is required.
All of them are Anthro/Human. Only Ceyu and Jelson have quad forms.

If Ceyu, Jingale, Razze, or Kesel are used, one or more of the others will make an appearance. They're all immortal, too. Previously deceased, they were given a new life by THE BOSS. No one knows who THE BOSS is.

Role-play Required For All Choices

- Crazy insane demon. He has a knack for getting into fights and he will attempt to fight and/or kill whomever is thrown at him. He is dominating, rude, insane, and plain evil. He's not a nice guy. He's the "Clean-Up Dude" on the Requiem gang. He kills and disposes of the "trash". Highly recommended that you be okay with gore and bad language with him. He's Asexual. Looking for "Friends" and Enemies; You can attempt companionship, but he is not interested.

- Jerk Incubus. He's the "body snatcher" on the Requiem Gang. He's a jerk. No way around it. He craves attention, he's a flirt, and he will eat emotions and feelings. He's an Incubus for pete's sake. He's lustful, cunning, and generally cranky. He cusses alot, smokes, drinks, and has been known to touch a few drugs. Uh, he will try to seduce whomever is tossed at him, girl or boy or alien or herm. He's Pansexual Looking for Friends, Partners, and Enemies. Companionship is trail and error. He bad at commitment.

- Silent Vampire. In the Requiem Gang, he's the "Patrol". He's a cold-shouldered individual who has only been known to speak to Ceyu and Kesel. He's a loner, and a bookworm. Despite him being considered mute by anyone outside the group, he is a gentlemen and will show it. He's bisexual. Looking for Friends and Enemies. Companionship is okay as well.

- Tainted Innocence. In the Requiem Gang, he's the messenger. A shapeshifter, Ceyu spends his time alone. He's seriously scared of Razze and fears the demon will kill him. Ceyu is much more innocent and kind than the others. However, he is also the most introverted and reclusive. He's easily frightened and under the right circumstances, he'll turn into a red panda and run off. He's rarely seen without some type of stuffed animal. Would you believe he's nearly thirty years old (he looks 14-15)? He', pretty much. Friends and Enemies; Possibly companionship.

Wyred - To the public, he's a failed government project. In truth, he's an ultimate success. His mind is cracked, in a sense. He's wired into the internet, and has access to any computer. He can "download" his mind onto a computer and figure out many things from the data. He can't crash a computer, but takes it to another extreme. He's an assassin in his human body.
However, this crack in his mind often causes a vast array of difficulties in his physical person. He doesn't recognize hunger or tiredness, and his sense of pain and temperature are very weak. He could be bleeding for hours before noticing it. Generally, he is supposed to have someone around to watch him because of his inability to keep himself in good condition. He talks fine, and shows emotions fine. When he has to focus on a real person and computer information, however, he begins to "overload". He's a semi-success. He's unknown. Friends and Enemies, Victims; Companionship only with government connected people.

Role-play Required For Companions; Preferred For Other

- Used to be a computer program. During an electrical storm, along with some stupid human interactions, she ended up in our reality with no idea what was going on. Mind you she was an artificial intelligence when in the computer. She lacks quite a bit of hold on emotions and doesn't understand sadness or anger at all. When she's crying, she won't even notice until she actually pays attention. She doesn't understand it.
She can travel through electrical networks, power grids, computer networks, the internet, satellites...basically anything that has to have an electronic connection of some sort. This can make her extremely dangerous, and extremely useful. She has the ability to crash computers and programs completely.
She doesn't understand clothing, and so often walks around in nightgowns and what-not. Shoes confuse her also, but she is still bad with walking because she's not used to legs. She tends to use a lot of technical talk such as 'I do not understand' or 'That statement is illogical.' and what not. She's likely bisexual. Friends, Enemies and Companions.

- Divine protector. He's a gentle-natured, kind soul who is more or less a spirit of the native peoples in his place or origin. He wears a mask 90% of the time, and often seems out of place because of his attire and the general iridescence he possesses. He's very much a social person. He's pansexual Friends and Enemies mostly; Companionship on his part is undesired at this point. You can try and sway him.

I'd include Xandaria but I'm still working on her.
Comm me or comment on my user if interested. :,D

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Though any and all of the pets who have finished profiles would love friends, enemies, and companions respectively.. to highlight one of my favorites..

would love him some Sparkle Dog or Zombie buddies and maybe even a lovely lady/man candy to call his own.
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Forgive me for the (probable) long post as well. I require roleplaying for all friend requests, enemy requests, and companionships. If you send me either of these before requesting a roleplay and the pet in which you wish to use and the one you want me to use then I will warn you, and inform whether I think you're appointed pair would be compatible or not. If you do not reply within the day it is sent I will delete the request. Once more if you please, I do not have the privilege of getting on here daily, I try to every 3-5 days due to the amount of homework I'm stuck with in my junior year. So forgive if I don't reply immediately, now back to the program.

All are available. None have companionships. Ryuka has at least had five potential ones, the last being the most promising (before they stopped sending replies). Rem has had three, Ren, one. Iziz, two. Sakh, one. Rex, one. Ky, three. Ruxi, none.

Their majesties:

Iziz is the demon god of damnation, fire, and blood or basically blood demon a.k.a. vampire, just...more powerful than your regular. His right hand ''man'' is Ryuka. ,His arch nemesis Sakh, his crush Ren. He was a despicably disgusting and one of the most hated demons in his home realm. Which he loved eternally. For hatred is his main fuel, his drive, if you will. He adores the thought of his enemy's dying screams but the gore and splatter upon his citadel's walls even more. It is highly recommended to keep your distance with this one as he has been known to be major sociopath. One who might succeed in curing him off his insanity is surely welcome.

Meirien is the demon goddess of water, temptation, and misery. She is the voice that whispers to fools to jump off bridges, shoot people in their schools a then themselves, and most of all, to rape anyone attractive in sight and kill them later. She cares not for the human race or anyone else who listens to her. She prefers the sadness of her ''followers'' close relations. Want to try your hand at reasoning with her? She is bisexual but cares not for relationships at the moment.

Sakhmet is the demon god of torment and pain. He voice is the one heard when an innocent wants to avenge a fallen sibling or child. He prefers the fear and suffering of those driven to follow his ''ambitions''. He, his rival, Iziz, and the Lady Ren are all despisers of humanity and would much rather at the same time use them as playtoys all the same. He is pansexual. So as long as they are worthwhile toys, she'll use them for all eternity.


Ryukannia is Iziz's righ hand ''man.'' She believes she was turned at the age of six but is grossly oblivious to the truth of the matter. Her bodyguard is Rem, in whom she persists to call Milly merely to annoy him,a deathly loyal, kind, considerate, skilled assassin, and master of gathering intelligence (spying) only to her use though many have tried to sway him. She is a deadly vampress uncaring for humans and only ever compassionate to children regardless of age. The instant she smells a human scent however they are killed by her or her hired hand. She has many skeletons in her closet as the saying goes. Being that she keeps having visions of man with an ever changing assortment of weapons coming to kill her for a reason known only to Rem as he is the only one who seems to be able to end the visions. The sight of blood never mind how small the drops may be and she uncontrollably begins to have spasms or is overpowered with bloodlust. In public, out of the citadel she is a simple bartender with an assassin side job working under Rem. She has been raped countless times and henceforth has very little trust for men especially one she barely even knows and yet she is highly appalled when a certain female attempts wooing her. A considerate, patient, and kind man who is willing to wait for her trust in them to grow might give her more confidence.

Rem believes himself to be human. In his mind, he and Ryuka were orphans that the blood god decided weren't worth killing and didn't mind their following him into his citadel. He is a strong young man in mind and body who chooses the logical solution over any emotions he might have. If a child begins to whimper at the sight of their sibling being slain before them he kills them as well. Out of the citadel to the innocent citizens he is only a martial arts teacher who enjoys working on cars at a mechanic side job. To the underworld he's one of the richest and most lethal weapons dealers, weapon modifiers, information dealers, human traffickers, well-known assassin with a band trained to be half decent as he is, chief river smuggler gaining profits from selling space on his boats to competition and buying out all the boats, and picky thief who only chooses those who are either filthy stinking rich or whose information he intends to sell. His best assassin-thief second to himself is Ryuka. Anyone who dares try it may carry on the wooing though he only ever looks at such things as a business transaction. He is straight.

Rexalia is the 'maid' of Rem's crew. She cleans up the mess and as a forensics scientist to the innocents assures that no one in the group gets caught. She is the third in command and not an ounce weaker. Due to certain complications in her childhood she is so distrustful of men that she has turned completely lesbian and often in a drunken stupor hits on Ryuka, who usually with a combo kick to her lady parts and knee in the face. Xali being a masochist, can't help but get a little ''excited'' at that.

Kyagyral is the number two chief export of assassination and smuggling, unintentionally declaring himself Rem's sole enemy. He has troubled past in which an odd case of amnesia keeps him from remembering anything after a span of a year or two. Occasionally he doesn't even remember going into a bloodlust, which he willingly controls and accepts at any sight of blood or slight thought of ridding himself of an annoying associate. He has a strong resemblance to Ryuka yet not even Rem could tell you why as little else is known of him.

Ruxiruk is one of seven children born to Ryuka. Her father is unknown as to the multiple ''donors''. She is an infant of six months old. (also roleplayed to be six years old) Little is known about her other than that her siblings are usually guarding her 24/7.
Iziz, Ky, and Milu are straight. Sahk, and Xali lean toward their genders. Ryuka and Iri are bicurious, leaning toward their genders. Ruxi has not had enough experience dating to know where she stands.
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Makaroro is in need of either companion or friends. But, she REALLY needs a companion. I suggest roleplaying to get to know the other pet first. Plus, she is straight. Makaroro is a seductive and seemingly sexy bat demoness(sexy as in the personality trait). She used to belong to some of the most bloodthirsty and dark humored verpets ever to trample on the soil. She left them, realizing what fate may become of her if she stayed longer. Makaroro is mildly foul-mouthed, and wise-cracking. She loves crude and dark humor. Makaroro does not take kindly to perverted words(other than jokes) or gestures, and will break whoever tries that dirty trick. She isn't either talkative nor quiet, but seems somewhat sweet when she's not ticked off. Well, what are you waiting for? Makaroro awaits!
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Consolazione could use a few friends and a companion couldn't hurt.
He's pretty tall, slightly tanned, broad, and rather active. When he isn't, he's trying to decipher books - those that are written in anything other than his first language are difficult for him. His trust is hard to gain but once you've got it he's guaranteed to stay a loyal friend. His dream, contrary to his build, is to start a bakery. Once, a tiny human waddled into his home forest and gave him a jelly filled pastry. This, he shared with his friends and family. Their looks of delight sealed his occupation choice. Upon reaching age twenty, he was thrown a coming of age party and sent off into the city to live and find a mate but plans to follow his own agenda. - Looking for friends maybe enemies {he really prefers not to make them} and a companion.

Lutey is a stout young man with a fondness for tinted shades and long jackets with fake fur trimmed collars. He's actually a happy go lucky kind of guy. Though he's friendly, he avoids touching people at all costs, preferring a simple nod as greeting to a handshake or clap on the back. He doesn't date, ever, for mysterious reasons as well. He's got a German Shepard, Wolf mix named Earth Apple {which is an ancient name for Chamomile, because he's so calm.} The jobs he takes are always quick and easy, even those that countless people were unable to complete, and none of his friends know why. His dream is to quit working and live a peaceful life, which he knows isn't possible until he finds that one thing he's searching for. - Friends, enemies, and a companion.

Sivellin - a hardworking kind of guy who is currently a part time shopkeeper. On the side he makes artwork, among other things. He tries to be kind whenever possible. He has a condition that weakens him from time to time and makes his body fragile. His sibling, Loeyz, protects him from harm during these episodes and sometimes out of pure habit since he's done it since they were small. He's extremely shy and difficult to engage in conversation. A nice, quiet afternoon with raspberry or peach flavored tea and a good book is right up his alley as much as a slow walk while the sunsets. Friends, enemies -not so much-, and companion.

Roleplay is necessary for relationships. It'll in my opinion, build better ones. Friendship however, I can stand to be a little more lax with.
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I'm posting again to be annoying. Like hell people will willingly roleplay with me though~

Tape is looking for enemies and friends. After getting a companion, he ended up being a rather nice guy towards most people. He's easygoing and honest about everything-even the stuff that embarrasses him to talk about. He can't keep track of important stuff however and, because of that, is rather messy and disorganized.

is... Oh man, I love Morai. He's completely psychotic and can do a complete 180 when it comes to his mood in less than 3 seconds. Flesh is an absolute craving for him and, just as if it were a drug, it would be hell for him if he couldn't find some way to get it and eat it. Morai LOVES people yet surprisingly doesn't know why people flee from him when he comes around. He also asks people if he can devour them before he actually starts to eat them; if they tell him no, he most likely won't to try and respect them. When Morai is enraged, however, he doesn't care who the hell he tries to attack. For the most part he's cheery and bubbly and just wants to find someone who will stick around and not run away from him. He's looking for buddies, enemies, and a companion. (... MAYBE a companion. He seems to hate relationships)

I roleplay over Vercomm and Pet Comments; maybe, if people want to, things like MSN or something. Also, I don't really care if the pet comment is like '*jumps around* Hi~!* or 'He/She jumped around excitedly and waved. "Hi~!"'

I'll roleplay with anyone that can spell properly. QuQ Also, friend or enemy requests are fine-even if the pets have never communicated before.
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This whole post will be ignored, so there's no use for having this here.
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All my pets need or want something so check them out please!
but NEEDSSSS friend requests

Darn you easter 2011!!
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Originally posted by the user chaoscat, archived on Mar 7th 2017
I'm looking for buddies and a Companion for my pet GoreyDimise (male perferred if that is possible), he's an Izret kinda based off of A Gorey Dimise by Creature Feature...
I'm unsure on roleplaying, merely because I've never done it on Verpets before.
Yeah I'm not a newbie but I am new to the site changes ok?
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I'm looking for friends/enemies/companion for Merrie. No rp is necessary for the first two, but I'll only accept if I think it fits (won't accept buddy request if they're more likely to be enemies for example. I hope this makes sense). I don't care about gender for the companion.

Merrie is a timid warrior in training. Though she claims that she doesn't enjoy hurting people, therefore dislikes fighting, she still obsessively trains everyday. Even when she takes a break, she can't relax. Always looking over her shoulder, as if something was following her...

Although she's paranoid and socially anxious, she feels a need to help and protect others. She would die to save a stranger.

I'm going to leave out some details, as I want to save some information for role playing. There's a poem on her profile that might explain more, but not much.

I hope she doesn't sound boring...
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I'm looking for Companions, Buddies, or Enemies for my pets. However, I would like to roleplay them a bit before having requests sent. O:

I'm not too good at roleplaying, myself. I have a good imagination just a very low vocabulary, and poor spelling/grammar. I usually don't post too many sentences, because I fail.

My pets who are up for this are, Fox, Bullet, Poetaster, Imitator and Belze. If you interested in doing something together and wanna know more about my pets please comment/message me!
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