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Emmanuel and Guillermo are in need of some buddies, companions (Manny - male / Billy - female), and the like. ^^

Feel free to comment on their profiles / vercomm! (:
A roleplay would be fun, although I don't have too much experience with 'em.
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Well, pretty much all of my pets could use some buddies to talk to, but not all of them have completed profiles. I would prefer if pets interacted a bit before buddy requests are sent, either through comments (if they're on their page) or vercomm. Please note that they will respond in character.

Bait / Lucian; Male. Pretty friendly, a little impish depending on his mood. Single.

Bugaboo / Bug; Male. Really friendly, hyper, girly. Teeny tiny little guy. Single.

/ Mac; Male. Rude, apathetic.. Not much for physical contact. Single.

/ Dere; Male. Quiet, bookish. Not much of a talker. Single.

/ Bao; Male. Friendly, a little mellow. Can be childish and a little rude, but he normally doesn't mean to. Taken.

; Male. Pretty nice, loyal to friends. Single.

snipe / Cyrus; Male. Not very social, a little creepy. Single.

/ Nathan; Male. Friendly, random, huggy. Taken.

I also have a few characters that are not pets.. but they would really only be open for roleplays through vercomm or msn.
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needs a Rp partner that would rely on her frendlyness and her blood
If your hungry or thirsty ill tell you were to find crackers and apple juice: BLUE BAND! Their so active that it makes the fortresses that are higher up on the list seem unactive...Well I guess thats because they arent -makes peace sign with fingers- Peace Out!
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I would classify myself as semi-literate to literate.

I like:
and Twistalria.

Translater: Deity = gods, demons, vampires, thieves, wonderland complex, horror, suspense, and twists at every turn.

Negotiable: Is ''happy'' things though I will tend to use the black rose theory if the ''joy'' nauseates me enough. I'm also open to anything in fantasy save wizardry and anything realistic save high school or ANY school for that matter. That is all contact when and if interested. Oh, and nothing with a crappy romance plot, not even if it's for my pets, roleplays of which i require beforehand, if it's going to involve them it has to have some depth and meaning. Or if you simply want me to explain to the black rose theory. That is all.
Iziz, Ky, and Milu are straight. Sahk, and Xali lean toward their genders. Ryuka and Iri are bicurious, leaning toward their genders. Ruxi has not had enough experience dating to know where she stands.
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All pets besides Molika and Tryggvi want friends!
Would love random friend requests, no roleplaying and such needed.
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Carmy my Traumilis, is looking for buddies and a companion that are also a traumilis. (:

Traumilis only please. (:
Do you like Traumilis? Do you want a fortress where the Traumilis is #1? Do you want to partake in fun things and win great prizes? Then Join The Traumilis Club! (:
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For all of mine they are looking for mostly Buddies and Companions although an occasional enemy would be rather interesting, especially if you are willing to roleplay with our characters as such. I am looking for more than a sentence in the roleplays with these, although writers block is alright and I am rather patient if that happens~
Another thing is that most of these characters are bi, yet curious as they are uncertain as to weather they would like a male or female companion. And I am looking for a Roleplay before our pets become friends/companions.

- Female. Bi. A demon who is highly intelligent although uses this ability to scare others and most of the time is overly possessive. She sticks to her nature and usually does not change for others. Most of the time she is hard to get to and tends to be ignorant towards others, especially angels and holy beings. Overall she hates being disrespected and as long as you show some manners towards her you might get along with her.

- Female. Bi. Creak is a lonely rocking horse that most of the time sits by herself in abandoned houses without much to keep herself occupied. She is old and wise and if approached is willing to help anyone who is not overly vile to others. She is skittish and tends to be timid around strangers unless she knows for a fact they would not hurt her or others.

Rebirth- Male. Bi. Rebirth is a half god/half human who is actually supposed to be classified as a half demon/half human, although when he apparently died he was accepted as a god and given a job he just needed to stay on earth. Having to live on earth when he would rather live with the gods in paradise has left him with mixed feelings, and he tends to dislike humans and even other angels and or gods. Getting to him is somewhat hard unless you treat him exactly the way he wishes to be treated, and then you might have a chance to see the real him.

Crucified- Male. Bi. He is called a reaper, or sometimes either an evil or guardian angel as his job varies. He tends to be more anti-social and careless so he might ignore some when he is first approached although he may warm up to some once they speak to him awhile. Although his habit of acting might leave some thinking he is not the one to talk to, he actually believes in kindness and justice below the surface, its just he most of the time has trouble showing his kind side do to all the evil around him.

Hang- Female. Bi. As her nickname may imply she does overall have quiet a bit to do with that form of execution. She was hung during the ages of witchcraft and was mistaken of being a witch herself, although she was brought back and began murdering others as a hobby, most of the time hanging them and leaving others thinking it was suicide. She goes unnoticed by many and can sometimes be right beside them or living with them, as her senses are adapt and her work is always silent. Hang's personality is more of the silent although when she is approached and spoken to she usually replies in a casual and somewhat kind or sadistic type way, as if she has known the other longer.

Capricorn- Male. Straight. A justified being who can rarely come on earth he is rather quiet yet straight-forward, always hating the simple pleasures of humans since he is no longer one and somehow always hated all the greed and such. He is looking for someone yet does not know where to start and wants them to accept the fact that he not only works for the devils best man, but also the fact he is practically just a dead spirit now and most of the time can shift into a sheep/goat-like creature.

- Male. Unknown Orientation. A said to be male robot (although most robot's are believed to be alien gender), he is very much for justice and puts his job before anything as he works under the government as something similar to an FBI agent, although his work almost always goes without fail. He tends to be serious, so whoever would approach him looking for a friend or life long companion would have to be more than patient and accepting.

Every life is full of happiness and broken dreams. with every great rise, there is a great fall. with every love, there is a hate. with every loss, there is gain.
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Fringe - Needs people to torment. [Enemies/Friends Wanted]
Israfil - A mechanical angel who would loves some friends. [Friends Wanted]
DoctorKilljoy - The good doctor needs plenty of patients. [Friends and Enemies Wanted]
Freedom - This college professor needs students, friends, colleagues, and dreamers. [pets with Dream/Nightmare style names may buddy/enemy him. Only deciding factor is if I like the person or not.][Male or Female Companion possible]
Carrier - In need of someone that won't kill him on sight D: [Friend's prefered over Enemies, both are fine.] [Male or Female Companion Possible]
- Would love someone who loves the outdoors as much as she does. [Friends Wanted] [Male or Female Companion Possible]


All of the pets linked on my profile ( Azazel ) are in need of roleplays/friends/enemies. However not all of their character information is properly typed up. If you have a question on a pet, please vercomm me.
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"Laugh whenever you can. Keeps you from killing yourself when things are bad. That and vodka." — Jim Butcher (Dresden Files: Changes)
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My pet Move needs a male companion, and all my pets are open for RP :D comm me if you think ya have a pet that is right for Move!
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my fursona:

okay I lied is my sona

LOOK I'm such a liar because
is my sona.

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Myruha needs a companion(otherwise known as a mate) that is female. It would be great to roleplay or chatplay as the pets first. I prefer to roleplay as quad. Myruha is a funny,compassionate, and somewhat protective nine-tailed vulkit. His clothing his wears in his quad picture in inspired from the digimon, renamon.
Not here at teh moment pleeze leeve uh messuge after teh tone.
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