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K would like werewolf buddies!
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I'm looking for buddies/enemies/companions for any of my pets listed on my profile, and I'd love to start a roleplay with someone~ Just vercomm or send me a comment! C:
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All of these pets are open for role plays so either comment on their profiles or send me a vercomm if you'd like to start one up!

Hitler is a pretty-boy Nazi dedicated to his work. He's typically angry and considers most people beneath him despite the fact he's no good at fighting unless he has a weapon of some sort on him. Past this there's little Hitler wouldn't do to win against someone, let that be in an actual fight or anything else. Unsurprisingly, this makes it hard for Hitler to make friends. Hitler also rejects his sexuality and, as a result, he tries avoiding all forms of relationships. He's mainly wanting enemies and buddies. Perhaps a companion.

Arthur is the result of a rich family not wanting to lose their sick child and a quack doctor's experiments to bring the dead back to life. Arthur has lost the ability to speak and fluently move due to brain damage obtained soon after his actual death, making it hard to tell if he still has genuine thoughts/feelings or not. As a result he's most commonly seen attempting to walk around his family's manor, pausing only once in awhile because toys or something lying around seem to spark brief moments of awareness in him. Buddies and enemies only.

Zen is the shape-shifting guardian of a forest he has banned humans from entering. He cares for the animals and spirits residing in his forest and enjoys the quiet life it brings. Regardless of this fact Zen can show extreme hostility towards humans or anything resembling a human, but that's because of a violent occurrence from his past. Only when people prove to Zen they're not a threat will he back off. The outside world frightens Zen, so he tries not to leave his forest unless necessary. Friends and enemies are both accepted.

Chase is a mentally unstable cannibal that, as far as intelligence goes, could be doing better. He finds difficulty understanding most things but won't ask for clarification or details, mainly because Chase knows that he's not smart and doesn't want to bother anyone with it. Chase's emotions tend to fluctuate out of his control once in awhile so he can quickly go from frightened to ecstatic in a short period of time, and vice versa. He doesn't like eating people though he feels like he has no other choice. Companions, buddies, and enemies all accepted.

Rick is an ex-cop who currently spends more time moping around than looking for a new job. He's plagued by nightmares and rare bouts of violence he can't particularly control (all occurring only after the incident resulting in his loss of job) though he still tries to do well anyway, even if his appearance tends to scare people off. Unfortunately for him, Rick has the look of someone perpetually annoyed at the world and, while it helps if he's interrogating someone, it does nothing for his social life. Buddies, enemies, and a companion are all fine.

is a social butterfly and cross-dresser. He adores attention, whether or not it's coming from someone aware of his actual gender, and will chatter away for hours about nothing at all if given the chance. Still, Prairie's feelings are easily hurt and, to cheer him back up, the only thing someone needs to do is either give him a hug or buy him something sweet. He believes there's good in everyone and doesn't have a mean bone in his body, so he'll try making friends with anyone. Mainly wanting a companion and buddies but absolutely no enemies!
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LittleFlower is a sweet panju who likes exploring all kinds of things. She enjoys learning new things and putting her new skills to the test. She adopted Nightlight as her daughter and since then has found it hard to find the love of her life. She doesn't blame her daughter, she blames the "boys". She hopes to find someone who will accept her daughter and herself for who she is. Flower sometimes seems a bit silly or odd but really she just likes to make others laugh. She is violently protective of her daughter and those she loves. Once the rage passes she seems confused by what happened and tries to shrug it off.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species: Panju / Fairy

Friends: Open

Enemies: Open

Companionship: closed..she got a boyfriend. :)

Side Notes: In vercomm I rp her as Fairy, in pet profile comment box, I rp her as a panju.
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All pets can be roleplayed as anthro or human. Companions can all be from the friend and enemy list. I am semi-literate leaning toward literate. I will warn you. If this isn't proof enough I am a roleplayer who regularly posts at least a single seven-ten paragraph. If you read this far, then you are a worthy roleplaying partner.

~~~~~Remilu can be the bodyguard of a vampire princess, the champion of a blood god, or the co-commander of an assassin organization. It depends on the roleplay. He specializes in shadow and fire magic.

Enemies and friends can be vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, shapeshifters, magic wielders, pyros, and assassins. Traditional preference is a Remudi or an Oplei.

~~~~~Rexalia can be the champion of a god of torment, a co-commander and/or leader of legitimate internet identity protection agency that sells intel to the highest bidder without leaving a single trace for the victims to follow that illegitimately cleans up crew for all criminal organizations, an experimentation, or a doctor who either experiments on her patients or doesn't it. Depends on the the roleplay. She specializes in electric and healing magic.

Enemies and friends can be vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, assassins, modern doctors, shapeshifters, magic wielders, shamans (who are both healers and magic wielders for those who don't know), and experiments/mutants. Companions can be from traditional preference is Warumonos or Kaikous for companionship.

~~~~~Kyagyral can be the champion of the goddess of change, a general in a smuggling organization, a musician of sorts for one of Ren's ''factories'', and a Ren's primary assassin in her coven. He specializes is fire and summoning magic.

Friends and enemies can be found in vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, shapeshifters, musicians, smugglers, and assassins. Companions preferably are Kaikous or Opleis.

~~~~~Ryukannia can be the vampire princess Remilu is the bodyguard of, the captured and caged vampress of a given wealthy collector of mystical beings, or a the commander in Iziz's vampiric assassin squad. Her specialty is water magic.

Enemies and friends can be vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, other mystical beings, assassins, wealthy collectors and other elite members of society. Companions preferably are Kaikous, Remudis, and Ozilettes.

~~~~~Ruxiruk can be born of Ryuka's womb, turned and adopted by Iziz, or adopted and accidentally turned by Ky. She can be six years old or six weeks old depending on the roleplay. Her specialty is water and healing magic.

Vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, shapeshifters, magicians, shamans can become her friends and enemies. Companion preference is Kaikous, Shyxes, and Rozators.

~~~~~Iziz can be an exiled Russian prince who has two-five years of experience as a vampire or can be the blood god that Remilu is the champion of. He is the vampire who turned Ryuka.

Gods both demonic and ''good'', vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, and magicians can be his enemies and friends. Companions of preference is Treillen or Felione.

~~~~~Sakhmet can be a doctor who experiments on his patients and co-workers or can be the god of torment that Rexalia is the champion of.

Gods both demonic and ''good'', experiments/mutants, demons, angels, doctors, and shamans can be his friends and enemies. Companions preference is Sanctum, Warumono, or Ozilette.

~~~~~Meirien can be a goddess of change that Ky is the champion of, a vampire leading a coven that rivals Iziz', or the leader of a smuggling organization that Ky works for. She is the vampire who turned Ky.

Gods both demonic and ''good'', vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, smugglers, shapeshifters, and magic wielders can be her friends and enemies. Companions preferably are Felione, Ozilette, or Treillen.

Rem, Ky, and Iziz are strictly straight. Ryuka, Ruxi, Ren, and Sakh are pansexual. Rex is a bi-curious lesbian.
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Iziz, Ky, and Milu are straight. Sahk, and Xali lean toward their genders. Ryuka and Iri are bicurious, leaning toward their genders. Ruxi has not had enough experience dating to know where she stands.
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Headless : Would like some buddies that are either dullahan's like him, or any form of 'monster/fiend'. He's a bit reckless, careless and heartless - but more often than not he acts more like a self-centered child. Seriousness is a specialty of his, but he doesn't often put it to use unless he's seriously bugged by somebody. He is based on the classic headless horseman, but with a twist. His background is still in the works right now though.

Zeus : He works as a pawn/henchman for Headless. He doesn't really care for the fact he's being used, and just overlooks it for the soul fact that he abuses the protection he receives from the dullahan. Zeus works as a businessman and runs his own financial and editorial company on the outskirts of New York. He uses this status of his to get information for the dullahan to help him figure out his next victims. Occasionally he works as a assassin as well.

: A psychotic, ruthless ex-convict and retired war veteran. He was accused of assaulting and killing his non-blood related cousin cousin out of a lovers rage, when actually it was her cousin's boyfriend that did the deed. He killed the true killer, but was sentenced to life in prison. He escaped with his life, but didn't really make it out unscathed. He collects weapons, works as a Russian arms dealer, and hides out near one of the largest Prison's there.

RIP : A rich boy that was born solely for the purpose of becoming a sacrifice for his parents so that they could get forgiveness from the gods. He was killed, left behind the house while the mansion was set on fire. 200 years later, he awakens to find what remained of the house being refurbished to become a tourist attraction and he couldn't remember anything besides he was killed, he used to live here, and simple things like that. He doesn't remember his parents killed him and believes they are the best parents in the world, and now he works as a guide for the other dead.

Virgo : A servant that works in a castle that is wayyy way out in space. The castle is known for the fact it is one of three castles on the planet, and one of the largest and most influential. The planet along with the castle are all affected by space, and anything involving space. From the planets all the way down to things such as meteor showers and astronomical alignments. He's very soft spoken, follows orders to a T, and happens to be very very shy.

Israfil : An angel that has a habit of coming across as the best angel, but in reality he's actually a traitor and far from being good. He uses his status and comes across as being a righteous follower of god, but just uses these good deeds to make it where he is not suspected of anything. Behind the scenes, he works to find out more about humans and demons alike. He's used humans for experiments to the point of turning them into monsters by using their nightmares and deepest desires against them, and he's also known for making contact with demons and experimenting on them as well.

March : My madhatter character. He lives in a cottage that you'd expect was right from a fairy tale. He loves to decorate, and happens to have several rooms at the back of his home strictly for this. He's childishly naive, he'd probably have something painfully obvious fly right over his head given most circumstances. He is in fact a demon, but his upbringing was unknown and he doesn't even remember much about his past except for a few select things that he never wishes to give way to. He /adores/ tea, and has centuries worth stashed away in his attic. He is emotionally and mentally connected to his hat when he wears it, but when he does not the hat has a mind of its own. Its said that the hat is actually a creature created as a gateway to other worlds, and that when he swallows something that it directs the object(s) to any other dimension in existence; the only thing is that it cannot be controlled which it goes to.

: This guy inherited his company from his uncle, and when he was young he was the rich boy spoiled and lavished with anything and everything he wanted by his parents because they couldn't just say no to him. He's another business boy of mine that has his business located in New York, and he happens to be one that still carries a self-centered attitude and believes he can get whatever he wants. The business world often looks down on him for this way of acting, but he's actually a better businessman then most of the top-dogs out there. The only problem? He rarely ever puts his great knowledge to use because he only ever uses it when he wants to. He's often late for meetings, shows off and sometimes purposely cancels things. On the side, he's an assassin that takes jobs to get extra cash and take out his competition.

Crucifix : A demon king that seeks refuge in his castle and has it guarded often by poor guards that don't even know how to do their job. He is very self-centered and selfish, and most of the time has to go out of his way just to get people to work for him in his castle. He is a contractor that makes contracts with humans, and even makes contracts with angels by tricking them into falling for their greatest desires and lusts. He doesn't really care for the idea of a idealistic world, and instead lives on the terms that its best to let the world die out and rebirth on its own. He fails to have proper conversations five times out of ten, doesn't know how to do much on his own and expects everyone to follow his orders.

Funeral : An angel that was tempted by a demon, fell in love with the demon, then found that he was only being lied to and that the demon was just using him to get a one-way ticket into heaven. When the demon was killed, Funeral was cast out of heaven and told he could only return if he made up for his actions and showed that he was trustworthy and ready to return to heaven. So, Funeral plans to hunt down Headless, and bring him back as an offering to show he is worthy of returning to heaven. On the fall from heaven he lost both his wings and was picked up by a scientist. The scientist only managed to craft one wing for Funeral before he was slaughtered, so now Funeral is stuck with his one wing that hardly ever works.

Hurricane: A interstellar assassin that was sent to kill humans, but when he came to earth he felt pity for them and instead asked to learn about them and remain on earth in case they should ever pose a threat to the universe. Shi is actually a very terrible assassin though, and his potential only ever shows when he is under great stress or in a life-threatening situation; any other time he is clumsy and holds everyone back. He works as an assassin for a top businessman in the New York area.

: A shinigami that hates to kill people, so he instead goes out and takes the lives of convicts and people that are truly guilty of wrong doing. But he still hates this fact, so more often than not he sits around and watches humanity from afar. In this world, there are different levels of Shinigami, and not all shinigami can roam the human world. If they go against orders their means of taking human lives is removed, and they are left to suffer the fate of a slow death without having any means to gain more life; they are also stripped of their status and forced to live in the human world. Those who cannot kill humans due to feeling pity for them are often marked as failures and said to be ostracized by the others.

These are just a few of mine, figured I'd give it a shot to post them here in case someone wanted to drop any of these boys a message or something ;w;
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Ambrose wants custom buddies galore
Ambrose's Avatars

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8) My pets Phelix (Male) and Asena (Female) need friends, enemies, and companions. Phelix would like a female and Asena would like a male companion. 8)
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would like 'makl friends, and a male or alien blue 'makl companion.
Millennium would like dragon-custom friends mostly.
Ambrose's Avatars

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Shy ~ an antisocial, deprived young woman who was locked in a closet as a child and improperly cared for by her parents. She was under socialized and grew up dyslexic and illiterate with absolutely no social skills. She left home as a young girl and took care of herself as best she could. She is extremely shy and does not speak unless spoken to. She may be a little difficult to soften up, so patient friends are required. She has never experienced friendship, love or kindness.
Interested in: males & females.
Seeking: companion, friends, enemies.

Fib ~ a compulsive liar, you never know when he is lying or telling the truth. He enjoys testing his acquaintances, tricking them every chance he gets. He can be manipulative and has been known to scam people for the pure fun of it all.
Interested in: females
Seeking: friend & enemies

War ~ the leader of his tribe, War is strong, brave and courageous. He has proved to be a true warrior and has endured painful torture sessions with enemy tribes and has also lead his tribe in battle. He doesn't say much but when he does his words are always meaningful. He is tenacious and powerful. He is currently not seeking a mate.
Seeking: friend & enemies

Grace ~ Grace comes from a family of great wealth and power. Born and raised in Créteil, France, Grace of course can not speak very good English as her first language is French. Her cute accent combined with her great looks makes it nearly impossible for boys or girls to resist her seductive maneurisms. She is incredibly flirtatious, outgoing and vivacious - she'll stop at nothing to get who or what she wants.
Interested in: males & females (though right now I'd love for her to be in an f x f roleplay)
Seeking: companion & friends

Honest ~ the polar opposite of Fib, Honest cannot tell a lie. She was beaten by her previous partner and had terrible experiences in all of her relationships with men. She has never been with a woman but after narrowly escaping death at the hands of her last companion she has been able to take the time to reflect on her life. She is an extremely confused young woman and truly has never experienced happiness in any relationship she has ever had. She is beautiful, though she doesn't see herself that way. She may be looking for a woman to show her how precious life really is...
Interested in: females
Seeking: companion

I prefer to roleplay over Vercomm, so just send me a message if you're interested in a roleplay! :3

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