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I'm trying this to get an avatar, I hope it works. :)
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Aiden_The_Twiztid Aiden is a stubborn girl, through and through. Even in her worst state of mind she won’t back down from a challenge. She is incredibly loyal to her friends and family. And will always speak her mind; to her if you don’t like what she has to say, then tough… you’ll hear it anyways.
At her best, Aiden is smart, strong willed, cocky and loves to have fun... However, due to a recent loss of her brother... the Aiden a few knew and loved is currently buried under a lot of grief and depression.
Wanna pull her out of it? Feel free to try.
Sexual Orientation= Lesbian
Species= Vampire
Friends= Open
Enemies= Open
Companionship= Open
Side Notes= N/A

Divine_Beauty Venus is a lovely woman, both in looks and in personality. She has a taste for the finer things in life... life spending time with friends and family. She has never been one to fight, but will if there is no other way.
She is a kind soul with a huge heart, taking time to help others and putting everyone elses needs before her own.
Sexual Orientation= Bisexual
Species= Demi-god
Friend= Open
Enemies= Open
Companionship= Open
Side Notes= 1} She is a mute. 2} She will eventually be a Divine Berpunny. 3} All possible companions must be a Berpunny.

Onyx_Beauty Zelena is a fairly laid back girl. She likes to go out and have fun, and tends to go a bit crazy when things are too dull for her liking… When it comes to friends and family, to her they are the same thing, and she would do anything to keep them happy for as long as she can. She’s incredibly loyal and is always ready to fight for what she believes in…. Does this mean she goes around looking for fights? Not, quite the contrary actually. Zelena tends to avoid fighting, unless she is mad or if she can’t talk her way out of the fight.
Sexual Orientation= Bisexual, however; she leans towards girls.
Species= Shadow Demon
Friends= Open
Enemies= Open
Companionship= Open
Side Notes= N/A

Kissed_By_Death Thierry is stubborn, ruthless and sometimes is just down right evil... She has a soft spot for causing pain and often loves nothing more than to hear others scream for mercy.
However, Thierry is not as bad as she seems; when it comes to the one and only person close to her anyway... She is very protective of her significant other and will do anything she can to keep her lover happy. In a relationship, Thierry is "the guy" being the -obviously- more dominant one.
Sexual Orientation= Lesbian
Species= An Experiment.
Friends= Open
Enemies= Open
Companionship= Open
Side Notes= N/A

Bewitching_Beauty Kandra is a gentle being… she never cared much to see others in pain or for fighting… In a sence, she is exactly like Venus (Divine_Beauty)… a lover, not a fighter.
Sexual Orientation= Bisexual.
Species= Witch
Friends= Open
Enemies= Open
Companionship= Open
Side Notes= N/A


Alright so now that you have read a bit about each of my pets; I have some rules of my own.
1} Do not send me random friend or companion requests for my pets. I will not accept them.
2} ROLEPLAY IS A MUST. End of story. I prefer a more skilled roleplayer if that is possible. Thank you.
3} As far as pet companions go… They must be the same species. Unless stated otherwise in the side notes.
4} Don’t post a comment on any of my pet’s pages and never post again… this drives me absolutely bonkers.
Thank you and have a nice day.


<3 So raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways. All my underdogs, we will never be never be anything but loud and nitty gritty dirty little freaks! Won't you come on and come on and raise your glass! Just come on and come on and raise your glass! <3
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, looking for friends, enimies, and possably a companion. MUST ROLEPLAY FOR ANY. She's stubborn, hard to get to know, short tempered, and very guarded. BUT if you ever are able to gain her trust she is a kind and loyal friend, but until you do she's gonna put you through h*ll working for it.
S.O: Straight
Friends: Open
Enemies: Open
Companionship: Open
But be warned, if you want her as a friend or anything more it will be a bit of a challenge.
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Cowpoke is looking for friends, enemies and a companion! c: I'd love to roleplay, but I'm open to not rping for friends - enemies and companions is a must-rp situation, sorry! Po is a ranch hand/wannabe cowboy who spends most of his days dozing or working. He's pan, so the possible companion's gender doesn't matter - I'd just like them to get along! No species/color restraints either, but I'd like to note that he's going to be Tribal painted. n'v'n
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For now I'll just throw in Bryce They need to be friends with fey-related creatures and only fey related creatures. If you character is or knows of fairies send Bryce a friend request!
Pair of Loving Plushies
Gotta collect 'em all!
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wants 'makl buddies.
wants Divine or Nightflower buddies.
Fluffy wants Oplei and/or Teacup buddies.
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I don't take random companion requests. Please vercomm and we'll role play it out to see if they are compatible.

Looking for buddies, companion (must be male and geonlian) and enemies. She is a Divine pet. Sweet, gentle,loving, loyal, protective of loved ones and shy around males, specially her twin brother, Trevan. Her favorite flower is lavender. Her favorite color is purple. She likes to run across open meadows and chase after birds. Sometimes she will talk to butterflies. She doesn't rush in to takes time. If you want to be her companion you will have to win her heart.

Looking for buddies and enemies. He is a Death pet. He is controlling and often abusive to his "woman",surprisingly he has a mate. He hates his sister,Annara, with a passion and tries to kill her when ever he can. He doesn't fight in the coliseum, but will pick a fight with a random pet.

Looking for fighting buddies and a companion ( must be female and Chien). He's my fighter. He is a tough guy on the outside, but a big teddy bear on the inside. He treats the ladies with respect and his guy pals a bit rougher. He enjoys a good joke and reading. He trains three times a week and hopes to be a big war hero someday.

Looking for buddies, possible companion. Sky loves to be in the sky, thus his name. He believes that flying is the only way to go. He enjoys racing. He is fun loving and laid back, sometimes funny and sometime way to quiet. He doesn't fight..yet..but plans on training with Fiks when he's older. Currently running the shop.

Looking for buddies and enemies are optional. Rris is totem pet. He thinks he is wise because he is old. *coughs* He feels that he always has time for friends. He may be old but he still feels he has time. He is very quiet and doesn't say much unless spoken too or has something he feels needs to be said. Must think he is a mute and get shocked when he does speak.

Looking for buddies. Companion is optional ( must be male, Yonika, Felione or Ozilette) She is very busy. She doesn't always have time for friends or a mate, but she keeps looking. She wants to break away and explore the land of Verpets. She believe there are areas that haven't been touched and thinks she can find new creatures. She is kind to everyone, even rude folks. Sometimes she mummers about a higher power.
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Someday someone somewhere will steal your heart...
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is looking for buddies who also have custom genders, or else Alien.
Fluffy still needs more Teacup and Oplei.
wants some Candy friends!
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All of my pets are looking for friends, enemies, and possibly companions. If you're interested, it would be fabulous if we could rp a bit beforehand to see how the characters feel about each other!

Douglas is an overly optimistic goofball who also happens to be a canine shapeshifter.

Limerick, or Logan, is Douglas's sarcastic, grouchy older brother. He loves music, and when he's not busy being responsible and stuff he plays the trumpet nonstop.

Murray is the resident adrenaline-addicted idiot. He has the unusual ability to see brief glimpses of peoples' futures when he comes into physical contact with them, and runs a sketchy fortune-telling parlor.

Razz is a bit of a WIP, but I'm still interested in trying out her character. She's a cold, controlled sharpshooter who prefers to think of herself as a machine rather than a person and despises dealing with emotions.
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