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Digit is still seeking Viral buddies.
is still seeking Nightflower buddies.
Morten is still seeking Teacup or Denmakl buddies.
Negative is seeking Death buddies and Divine enemies.
Orient is seeking Divine or Chien buddies.
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All of my pets need roleplays, companions, etc.
If they don't have comment boxes or you want to roleplay over vercomm, just ask.
If they don't have characters on their profiles, just ask.
"Laugh whenever you can. Keeps you from killing yourself when things are bad. That and vodka." — Jim Butcher (Dresden Files: Changes)
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Mirah needs a male companion, preferably over age 17~

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wants some buddies with drug and alcohol-based names. : D (MDMA is another name for Ecstasy, for anyone who doesn't know.)
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Android and Cogito want Viral Buddies.
Bastille wants Bastille buddies.
Mimsy wants Teacup Buddies.

If a pet of yours matches the same colour and species of any of mine, feel free to add them as buddies.

Show Sigmund a little love?
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Nyuna could use some buddies who can also roleplay with her. Just be warned she's a silly ozilette who says "nya" a lot.
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Aiden_The_Twiztid Needs a female companion, friends and enemies. She is kind of hard to explain, so just get to know her if you're interested.

Divine_Beauty Needs a Burpunny companion being she will be a Burpunny as soon as I get the puddings. She is kind, sweet, intelligent and playful. She does not like to fight and avoids it at all costs. She is also a mute.

Kissed_By_Death She needs a female companion. Thierry is stubborn, ruthless when fighting, loves to see others in pain, sometimes is just down-right evil... Unless it comes to her lover... She is very protective of her significant other and will do anything she can to keep her lover happy. In a relationship, Thierry is "the guy" being the -obviously- more dominant one.

Onyx_Beauty Needs a companion, she is bi so she likes both guys and girls, but leans a bit more towards girls. She is a lot like my pet Divine_Beauty, the difference is the fact the Onyx_Beauty won't run from a fight... unless of course it's completely unnecessary.

Roleplay and same type of pet is a MUST.
They're all open for friends, enemies and companions, so please don't be shy. :-)
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<3 So raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways. All my underdogs, we will never be never be anything but loud and nitty gritty dirty little freaks! Won't you come on and come on and raise your glass! Just come on and come on and raise your glass! <3
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TV is always seeking dinosaur/raptor buddies
is looking for Denmakl buddies c: click my clour army!
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Okay I'm going to post all of mine at once. I've been wanting to for a while, but it's just so long.

Khajiit is a... well khajiit from the Elder Scroll games, specifically Skyrim. I'm only accepting friends, enemies, and maybe a companionship from other characters from the skyrim games(be they canon or OC). She's a former thief, turn hired sword. She refuses to harm innocent people in any way, and can be playful when not on a mission.

Wanderer is my sona. Not sure if she's looking for companionship, I suppose you could try. Friends and enemies are open to all, especially other sonas.

is an OC witch from the Harry Potter universe, as well as a metamorph and werewolf. She has a companion but will accept friends and enemies, especially if they are one of her kind or adventurers.

Storyteller is a girl with the ability to jump into books and see fairies. She'd happily take fairy friends, though normal people don't seem to like her much because of her oddities.

Leandros is Ryder's son. He's playful and adventurous. if you think your character can put up with him feel free to befriend. However, unless you do something mean to one of his family he isn't much into making enemies.

is Ryder's younger, dead brother. He's very bookish with a strong sense of right, wrong, and what needs to be done. Since he's dead he'll accept only other ghost friends. While Flynn considers himself gay, he really doesn't seem to be looking for love.

is another Harry Potter OC, but like my others do not need to only have friends with other HP characters. She's a journalist, and a fangirl of nearly all things. Fay is my girliest character and loves to be treated like a princess. She's always out to help her friends with their problems, though sometimes her antics can be more of a thorn in their side. Friends please!

is based off one of my RL friends, but has also been turned into a HP OC. He is a very laid back, tolerant person who believes in equality for everyone.

is my Scorpius Malfoy character. Like any Malfoy he's somewhat uptight and has a sense of 'I'm better than you'. Luckily his Gryffindor husband has grounded him a bit more. Now he's a healer at St. Mungos.

is one of my newer characters. She's Ryder's 'adopted' (actually half) sister. Lorn grew up as a quiet, shy child and because of that was often teased. Lorn in some part knows that her family is lying to her and feels somewhat betrayed by them. Lorn is a bit of an emo teen, but she just needs someone to understand. Friends, enemies, and companions open.

is Scorpius's son and twin to . He's the latest of the Hogwarts pranksters.

Ravens is a reaper. She's trapped in Limbo because she was not an ultimately good or bad person. She hopes to one day be able to pass on to a better place. Other reaper, angel, or demon friends/enemies.

is the living essence of Greed. He needs sin friends and virtue enemies please! Companionship is open!

Glutton, although he does have a sin page on his profile, because my Glutton sin is not too great a playable character he has a different character. Glutton was once a normal man(cowboy actually) but sold his soul in order to defeat a rival. Now he is a hired gun for the devil, hunting down angels and other divine deities. He's quite the glutton for punishment. Companionship open, divine enemies please, but he's not so big on 'friendship'

is a girl born into the good life. She's never had to work for anything, but this has never made her happy. She rebels against her family's lifestyle and is considered the black sheep of her family. Her greatest love is music and is a virtuoso. What she fears though is that this talent isn't her own. Charlie has the ability to alter sound waves. Friends and enemies open.

is a greek muse, though one not mentioned before. She considers herself the muse of art and fashion, instead of a branch of song or poetry like her sisters. She has a great distrust in men and can be quick to insult anyone who enters her line of vision dressed in a way she disagrees with. Friends, enemies, companionship all open.

(soon to be Chimaera) is a secret government agent. Her DNA was messed with before she was born and changed her. Now she has the ability to turn into a strange creature and uses these powers to complete missions. Companionship please? she doesn't have too much time for friends or enemies unless they also work for the government.

is a courier who experienced a great traumatic event in her old school. After witnessing the death of her entire class her mind shattered, creating a second identity to help her cope. While Dani, is usually a happy-go-lucky girl who hates violence and loves her job, her second personality Kasha is cruel, violent, and twisted. Kasha believes that Dani is too weak to cope with the real world and it is her place to be there to protect her. Of course, why she uses Dani's body to enter underground fights couldn't possibly be another reason. Open to friends, enemies, and a companion. Any companion would have to put up with Kasha, she will not be going away anytime soon.

Pickpocket is a street urchin in a group called the Lost Boys. The Lost Boys is a gang of child thieves and pickpockets who never seem to grow old. What really happens is that when they reach a certain age they must leave and allow younger children to join. Pickpocket has recently become the leader of this gang, Peter. His character isn't completely flushed out but friends, enemies, and companionship are open.

is a fan character from the Cal Leandros, but also has another OC character on his profile. Riley, Catcher's son, is a freedom-loving, shallow womanizer. He likes doing things without consequence. He's just a werewolf looking for a good time.

Entrapping is actually based on my Venus Flytrap, Dante. His character is an incubus with no specific preference toward his next meal. His character isn't completely flushed out, but feel free to befriend him or make enemies.

is a a Cat Sidhe. She is a witch, cursed to have a feline form. Although this form only really takes full effect during new moons, many of her kind search for a way to break it. The only known way is to kill your true love. Due to complications with this, Alice is determined to 1) never fall in love, and 2) find a way to break the curse. I'd love a companionship roleplay as I'm really excited to use this character. She needs witchy friends and witch hunter enemies.

Ohayo is a blind girl blessed by a great dragon. She was supposed to bring hope to the land when the dragon left, but was kidnapped. After escaping she managed to find her way home only to find that her entire village was slaughtered. Now she uses her gifts to search for the people who did it, never revealing her true identity.

(last one)
Cerberic is Cerberus, but not as we know it. The Hellhound is actually hellhounds, plural. They want the world to know that while they may share a body, each mind is different and yearns to have it's own identity. Each is looking for a companion. I'm honestly tired of typing by now, so just go to their profile to see more.

Pair of Loving Plushies
Gotta collect 'em all!
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Of the Sareitu Clan

Kyagyral: Twin of Ryukannia. Father of Ruxiruk. He is the prince of the island Kirasu, that is lost to the modern world. He is a member of the elite class of the island's military, the Death Guards. His unit? Interrogation. He loves using fire as an inspiration to make sure that his victims will thoroughly answer his questions. He also plays a mean violin.

Ryukannia: Twin of Kyagyral. Mother of Ruxiruk. She is the reigning Empress of the Kirasu. She is a master manipulator who loves drowning the relatives of those unfortunate enough to allow themselves to be caught by her in front of them, before a proper interrogation can be carried out.

Demon, vampire, shapeshifter, and musician friend requests preferred. Both are currently looking for a lasting companion. Angel, human (in general), vampire/demon hunter, and exorcist enemy requests preferred.

Ruxiruk: Daughter of Kyagyral and Ryukannia. She, like her mother, adores a creative form of torture and so carries out her experiments in search of the greatest tormenting form of tortuous execution. She adores butterflies and has a vast collection of them pinned to her bedroom and 'laboratory' walls. She has a nasty bloodlust when her experiments are going poorly. She plays a mean violin.

Ruxiruk is engaged so all companionship offers will immediately be declined. Demon, vampire, shapeshifter, and musician friend requests preferred. Angel, human (in general), vampire/demon hunter, and exorcist enemy requests preferred.

Of the Sharuq Clan

Remilu: The adopted son of Iziz. Twin of Rexalia. Father of Anai and Chela. He is the Co-founder and Co-Commander in Chief of the Death Guards, Chief Advisor to Iziz, Chief Butler to Master Iziz and his Sareitu Clan, and Chief Healer and Teacher of the Elite Death Guards. He suffers from a severe case of bipolar disorder and certain times, severe depression. His best friends include High Emperor Iziz, Prince and Elite Death Guard, Ky, and Chief Inventor, Head Healer, Chief Cartographer of Kirasu, and Elite Death Guard, Xali. He plays a mean cello.

Rexalia: The adopted daughter of Iziz. Twin of Remilu. Chief Inventor, Head Healer, Chief Cartographer of Kirasu, Elite Death Guard, and Chief Maid to Iziz and his Sareitu Clan. She holds a firm distaste and mistrust of all men, save Rem, Ky, and Iziz. She has invented multiple machines that resemble modern-day conveniences for the island, such as metal alloys formed as support beams and so forth, communication devices resembling boxy walkie-talkies for the Death Guards, and sleeker thinner less visible chokers with a small walkie-talkie system built into it and clocks of a certain type.

Companionship is open for both of them. Demon, vampire, shapeshifter, inventor, butler/maid, advisor, military, healer (doctor, shaman, voodoo doctor, etc.), artist, and musician friend requests preferred. Angel, human (in general), vampire/demon hunter, exorcist enemy requests preferred.

Of the Three (four) Tears

Iziz: He is Kirasu's demon God of Blood and War. He is essentially the muse of battle who whispers into the hearts of men their truest temptations of battle and blood lust. After a certain course of events, he was summoned into the human world by his people and after an act that he alone among the divine ranks performed, was anointed as the Emperor, later he became known as the High Emperor.

Sakhmet: He is Kirasu's demon God of Madness and Torture. He follows the sanest person of any given region and stalks their mind's eye until that sanest of individuals go berserk. Then he and his brother Iziz, simply sit back and have a glass of blood to enjoy the massacres that inevitably surface.

Meirien: She is Kirasu's demon Goddess of Change and Illusion. She creates mirages, visions, and any ''tricks of the eye'' simply to test which people are intelligent enough to see through her craftsmanship. Being that she is also a Goddess of Change, she is an adept shapeshifter and can, at whim, change a girl's appearance in all other humans eyes to that of a teenager or young woman. Numerous......incidents have occurred when men were blinded by her illusions killing the girls in the end.

Of course, Ren finds this, to be the most amusing part of her experiments. She and her brother Sakh, thoroughly enjoy working together to form the illusions of conspiracy theories and the torment of paranoia in humans' minds to see if the humans are strong enough to break through their tight knit contraptions. The peak of their amusement lies in the expectation laid within all failures their victims attempt to return to their former sensible selves. The only failed collaborations were for the Sharuq twins.

Companionship is open for all three. Demon, vampire, shapeshifter, and sociopath friend requests preferred. Angel, human (in general), vampire/demon hunter, and exorcist enemy requests preferred.
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Iziz, Ky, and Milu are straight. Sahk, and Xali lean toward their genders. Ryuka and Iri are bicurious, leaning toward their genders. Ruxi has not had enough experience dating to know where she stands.
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