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The year is 3058...scientists have discovered how to give only a select few people powers for good uses only. But recently, teens and young adults between the ages of 16 and 26 have been kidnapped. What happens there these people don't remember, but evil scientists have discovered how to clone people with powers and make evil duplicates of them. Now these clones are causing hell and ruining the good reputation of the good original people. Now the originals need to figure out how to stop their clones and get their lives back.

There are two ways to stop the clones:

1. You can kill them
2. You can make them realize they are doing bad things and help you to track down the evil scientists instead.

I will be playing all the clones, so choose your character(s) wisely. No god playing, no ridiculous powers and only 2 characters per person. The characters can meet up to take down one clone at a time if you like. Enjoy and have fun.

Also, your characters will get random flashes of painful memories you see through your clones eyes. It is painful to watch these images and might cause conflict depending on your character. evilevilevilevil

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Death, why are you haunting me? Anger, why are you fueling me? Despair, Why are you my best friend?
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