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All of my verbies are here; Fluent
And I shall grant full clickbacks daily if you just drop a post when you click them all if you've got them all in an easy to reach area. :3

I'll visit daily;
120/1500 - Celestial Watering Can

Educated Stars for all NF Militia pets
Sun Stat Potions
Magical Golden Stars

Educated StarAchieved and Taught to Alina on 2/4/13
History of the Stars12/12/12
Starry SeashellThank you to Tar, Oct. 2012

Have a goal? Post it!
Here be the verbie pets, currently in alphabetical order.
PLEASE NOTE. I've started removing inactive clickback people. If you are not doing clickbacks and don't have a no clickback tag up you're coming off of this list.

Comma - Bio's verbies
Dollie - Red AKA Statebuddie's verbies
Evidence - Xeitan's verbies
Heat - Tomb's verbies
Human - Wolven's verbies
Info - Maddi's verbies
Inverse - Sporks verbies
_Ishiko_ - Elendae's verbies
Kea - Mab's verbies
- Nero's Verbies
Kusabana - Reima's verbies
Persistence - Mangawitch's verbies
Milky - Yoshika's verbies
Bit - Cortana's verbies
Myabi - Kye's verbies
Selendis - Dia's Verbies
- Ghost's verbies
Tabid - Cyn's HOARD
Taffy - Mili's verbies
Tarina - Tar's Verbies
Tristana - Rain's Verbies
Last edited, Sep 3rd 2013 @ 12:14 am

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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Well you already got me on that list!

...Now I'm off to click everyone here!
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Pester list has a new location.
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Updated the list. :3

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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Clicked through them all! c: My verbies are on Moved to . ;u;
Last edited, Jan 4th 2013 @ 4:21 am
Verbie not found
has his eyes on the rest. Supposedly.
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Human is my hoarder
Pair of Loving Plushies
Gotta collect 'em all!
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Added a few new people to the list and clicked everyone. :3

Mag's Lab (Gallery 2084) Has 1:1 species changers available.
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Al of Doom's are on 8D
4,514 posts
My verbies be here:
Ambrose's Avatars

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I have my verbies on Evidence

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