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Hi there, my name's Owlie and I've recently set up a critiquing blog for your character, roleplay, and general writing needs.

Feeling like you have immense writers block?
Need to develop a better roleplay setting / plot?
Would like a general brainstorm of character possibilities?

Then fear not, for I have just what you need!

Character Parade is all about helping people better there knowledge and experience in the art of writing & role-playing. I am here to help anyone who is in need of a general or advanced guidance towards where they think their writing needs to go!

Keep checking back as I will be adding:

- General Guide for Character Brainstorming
- Tense & Grammar: Your, You're and You are!
- Context clues and writing techniques
- Advice on how to overcome writers block

Feel free to post suggestions, comments, and questions about what I have overall, and if you would like to see anything else.


verpets.com/go/01ur             verpets.com/go/0evm
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