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i was under the impression that everyone knew she was guilty, and the trial was just a formality, but eh, i guess not.

however, people are letting their emotions get the best of them; wishing anyone involved in this case to be dead is ridiculous, considering this was a case ABOUT MURDER. she was declared not guilty, so people should leave it at that. there's really nothing anyone can do about it; even if she came out and confessed, she can't be tried again, as the constitution protects her from double jeopardy.

either way, you know she won't last long outside those prison walls -- i give her a month before some overemotional extremist takes hating her too far.
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In all honesty, I still haven't formed a solid opinion on this.

Though I will agree with that xNoodle said about the 'letting their emotions get the best of them'.

They don't / didn't have enough evidence to prove her guilty, and for all we know, Casey's daughter might have accidentally drowned. One can't just rule her guilty because she lied about it and thwarted the investigation.

There are just too many possibilities for this.

Maybe she did kill her daughter.
Maybe she didn't and she just wanted publicity.
Maybe she's sick in the head.

I don't know.

The only thing I know is that there are too many holes in the case to prove that she is / was absolutely guilty.

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I find it interesting that someone said "the justic system needed to be fixed" because Anthony was acquitted due to lack of evidence. The beauty of the judicial system is that it is careful to convict, and reasonable doubt means no one is convicted on a hunch or a suspicion. The system isn't foolproof, but wrongful convictions certainly aren't any better than wrongful acquittals.

I understand that this crime makes people sick. I agree. However, the insatiable thirst for blood and punishment is making me just as sick. If Casey Anthony is guilty, two things are possible.
1 - She did a decent job pulling the crime off.
2 - Some cop or prosecutor made a mistake somewhere.

Legally speaking, we as a government, as a nation, have decided that Anthony is innocent. Ethically speaking, for someone to go vigilante and kill her would be deplorable because they do not have grounds to be convinced of her guilt. I wasn't there, and I didn't see what happened, so I'm not going to declare guilt. If you watched the trial, and you know every detail of the case, it would sure seem like you still don't know enough to be convinced without a reasonable doubt. At least, that's what a jury decided, despite the criticism and glares of a society jumping at the bit to convict.
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I believe in innocent until proven otherwise. They couldn't prove that she is did it, so in my world she is innocent no matter what people believe, or have a gut feeling about :P I think people who scream that she should rot in jail because they think, not know that she is guilty, might as well be talking about alien abduction and stuff. And people's sense of 'justice' might send innocent people in jail, because people just want someone to jail, instead of admitting that there isn't enough evidence to build the case on!
People want to see blood, based on.. On what? On whatever they read in the news? You want a mother hanged, for something that can't be proven that she did? Where is the justice in that?
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I personally agree with Anti_Social on this one.
What mother would go out parting when her daughter is missing? Why would she wait thirty one freaking days?
Why does her car smell like death?
How did she know that the child drowned if the child was missing? And in a pool no less?
Why blame your father?
Why blame the nanny?
Why lie if you didn't do it?

It just doesn't add up. She's guilty as heck.

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Personally I think she was guilty, but being able to take a step back and look at this without the distraction if emotion or 'intuition', I have to agree with the jury.There was so much lying, theories, confusion, etc that they couldn't say without doubt that she was guilty.

Her daughter is dead.

There is NOTHING that is going to bring her back. It's tragic and unfair but that us the world we live in, and no amount of fixing the judicial system will fix that. If Casey Anthony didnt kill her daughter, well then an innocent woman just escaped a bad fate, if she did kill her daughter then she's definitely not going to be living a happy-go-lucky life anyway because so many people are threatening vigilante justice. I doubt she'll get another kid, and if she does and this happens again she wont be getting away twice. Some are going to say, "well then anither innocent life just ended" but if she had been n innocent and was found guilty the same would have happened.

I think the only part of this trial that is actually makes me somewhat angry is the stuff said about the jury. Lay off people. They were doing their job. You say they let her go because they were tired and wanted to just end the case, well they could have ended it by saying she was guilty too, and as for the bribery idea, I dont think any amount of money could make up for the crap they're now going through. They are getting death threats. Why wont people let them live in peace? Did they kill the little girl? No. They did their job and found they coukd prove without reasonable doubt she was the killer. Which, as someone said, is the point. Putting someone innocent away is just as bad as letting someone guilty go.
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Clone of OJ Simpson?

(I haven't studied the case long enuf but yea, trubs like OJ and his wife.)
I think Guilty on 2 accounts.
Well, ya, she left her baby to rot. How horrid. Too bad she isn't in a cell right now. But honestly, is it all the crimes we're looking after? Everything in this just gets mixed up- as that woman is indeed certainly an illusion.
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So let me get this straight. Batman's first robin becomes Nightwing, the second one dies, resurrects, matures, and stalkes Batman as Red Hood; third Robin lives a short, eventful life; the fourth robin is a girl but is slaughtered by Black Mask; then Bruce and Talia's own child Damian becomes Robin; then his child with Selina, Helena sort of becomes another Robin; and this whole time Superman's just flying around? Pretty legit.

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