Pink Tabid

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I'm currently looking to buy some designs to work on! They can be designs or overlay pets, and if its an overlay pet I'd be willing to up my offer a bit to compensate for that.

If you have any that you no longer use then I'm more than willing to take a look at them! You can comment here or vercomm me with the designs in question as well as what you are seeking for them.

I can offer:

- Vercredits or Verpoints
- Items
- Special bases
- Potentially pet names
- Other (please list what else may interest you if its not listed above)

Thank you all so much for looking and happy holidays! ♥

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Hm I have a really nice deer that I would be willing to sell for 2.5k vc
want me to comm you? xD
It's gender neutral but I was using as a male.
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Ooo yes please! I'd love to take a look at them! ;v;

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