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So, it's summertime again and I figured that I would repost this ad and see if somebody bites. Don't kill me for posting, please. D:

I heavily enjoy good, original, and epic-tastic plots, but I am fine with a little toss-off, let-us-see-where-this-goes kind of thing, as well. That being said, I do like to have the smallest glimmer of what we both want going in and a little background information. On grammar and spelling, I’m pretty much clean-cut on the first and use spell-check for the second. If you have a few sprinklings of less-than-immaculate in either category, I’m not going to really care or raise a ruckus.

I do anywhere from one to three paragraphs on the usual, I suppose, and paragraph-style only. If we average less, I’m not going to freak out; trust me. Just give me something to reply to, no matter the length. I don’t like to feel like I have to post a lot, as I get stressed over small stuff really easily. I prefer to keep the roleplay a little relaxed, meaning that, if one of us can’t quite truck it up to three paragraphs and beyond, no matter what the last one posted, we don’t feel completely wrecked and guilty. I don’t want you pulling dumb, micro-actions out of your bum to add an extra hundred words to your post.

Also, this sort of goes along with that last sentence, I won’t give you a medal because you know ten different words for “green”. If it needs it and feels right, post it. If it feels forced or dumb, don’t worry about it. I like little details, I really do, but there is a point when too much is too much.

My interests are very varied, but I pretty much won’t do just plain old normal life. I roleplay to get away from that; I dun need it clogging up the roleplay. I do like, say, urban fantasy, though. I can hack from high fantasy to modern/urban fantasy to high sci-fi, so just try me. C:

I will not, however, roleplay most fandoms, as I don’t pay attention to a lot of things other people do. If you really want to do one, though, just ask, but chances are that I will never have heard of it. I will not roleplay with canon characters/characters that are not yours/characters who are related to canon characters. Do not ask me to play someone else’s character, either, because I won’t do it.
Also, I roleplay both my pets and other things, so don’t think my pets are the only characters in my arsenal. Pretty much, if you have a setting, I have a character fit for it.

My most wanted is constantly changing, so don’t bother trying to keep up with that. xD

I love me some anthro and some human. Heck, we can even cross the streams for more awesomeness. C: Quad does sort of repel me, though, so you’ll have to really convince me for that one.

I prefer a bit higher of a maturity level, in violence and elsewhere, but, if you start to feel squeamish or unsure, please stop me. I don’t necessarily have a limit to level, just to certain little things, especially when it comes to romance. If you want to know more or are unsure, please ask me. Also, I am very good adapting as long as it’s not on the strict NO list, so try to take a chance with me. I enjoy it. (Ohthegods, thiswholeparagraphsoundedterrible.)

I mainly do m/m, but that does not mean I will not do any others. I have never done f/f, mainly because the opportunity has not arisen, so, if some kind soul were to attempt it, I would not snap at them. It’s been a while since I’ve done m/f, but I am in no way opposed to it. Also, I’m fine with drama and craziness(within reasonableness), so don’t hesitate to throw some others up in that relationship or request me to. I also like

You can contact me over here, and we can discuss this from there. I do not like to have full-fledged roleplays through pet comments, mainly because of content and because I just dun like it, so I would prefer through vercomm. I do roleplay over IM, as well, but I only have/will use MSN. To start something/show interest/or just plain be goofy, feel free to use the pet comments, though. C:

Sometimes, I just don't feel like replying for a day or two. Usually, I will tell you if this happens, but, if I don't, don't freak out. If you hound me like a bill collector, I'll leave completely.

Sorry if bolding seems sort of weird, out-of-place, or something like that. I just did it as I saw fit. xD

I'm a shy one. More often than not, I won't contact first. When I do, it sounds really awkward and creepy. D:
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(I sih interested. Also just a guess. carcinogenecist. Kaaaaaaaaaarkat~)
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This should be in the "Seeking Roleplayers Forum" <3 You'll get a lot of views there, lolol.
Please don't think I'm trying to be mean. //shot

Also, I commed you about a RP a while ago. Were you still interested?

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