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TL;DR: Yes.

Hi guys! Ferbie here to bring you another update!

A lot of people have been wondering whats going on with fortresses, and hopefully this answers most, if not all, questions!

The coding that goes into the fortresses is very old, and thus the fortresses became unsupported. They are glitchy, bugged, and broke. We are focusing on making Carl slave away -- I mean... work happily on other bigger and better updates for the site! This is because we didnt realize how many people were still interested in fortresses.

Nonetheless, it has been seen that a few of you (me included) would still like fortresses to be apart of Verpets! Have no fear though, it is on Carls long list of updates that he has planned!

If you really want fortresses to make a come back, go ahead and post here! You may even post some ideas you have for fortresses when Carl gets to them! Who knows, maybe enough intrest will bump the fortresses up higher on his list!

Though, please be patient. Carl is only one person, has a real life *gasp*, and it may take some time before an update is done depending on the intrest in bringing fortresses back.

If there are any remaining questions, feel free to post them below, and as usual I will do my best to answer them!

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Someone mentioned something in the other forum about wanting a new deal day for the vc shop, perhaps there could be a push that could specifically fund Carl's therapy work. I'd definitely throw you guys some money. My relationship with ver has, at times been contentious, and I've been fairly inactive for the past couple years but I'm nearing a decade on this site and I would like to see it flourish again.


As for fortress features... I feel like a big issue with fortresses before was that there were about four active fortresses with a ton of people and then like three more active fortresses with only a small handful of people.... and then a ton more with nobody. It was hard to start a new, interesting fortress when it's much more appealing to join an already active one with a big bank account. I specifically remember some members of a certain club "infiltrating" others and taking it all a bit too seriously.

Perhaps we could make it less exclusive? So for example, if Zeph wanted to make a fortress centered around gardening, with all funds going towards gardening and a seed collection and I wanted to make a fortress centered around writing and holding contests where fortress funds would go towards prizes for writers, you could join both. Like joining debate team or chess club at school. Maybe it could have a limit like only being able to join three (or more if you're elite).


I don't remember if this was a thing before, but I'd also like to see the fortress bank expand to include items and then maybe also have a ledger to see when people put in or take out items just so there's a bit of transparent accountability.


Oh! I really want to make a D&D based fortress, and even though we had a chat system in the old fortresses, having a separate "forum" area would be good for sorting certain conversations. Or like, if I wanted to host a game like Bingo, then we could have an area for that and an area just for general chatting.


Inactive owners was kind of an issue, especially since they controlled the flow of money and items donated to the fortress. Maybe after a certain amount of time of inactivity, members of the fortress could vote the owner out and the role would go to the co owner or a staff member. They could receive a notification once the vote happens and if they don't veto the vote within a certain time frame they're removed from the owner position. Or they stay owner and the next staff member is just upgraded to interim or something. It's a messy idea, but my tablet is gonna die and I want to get it out there xD

I'll give fortresses some more thought and have some better-planned ideas I'm sure. I definitely think Ver could use them, especially when it comes to the user run group activities that happen around here.
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I agree with all of Shame's ideas and want to give extra support to Fortress specific forums, and the ability to join numerous fortresses.

I also wanted to throw in the option of maybe having Fortress V Fortress battles. Like a battle Royale. Optional, no Fortress HAS to partake, but anyone interested in a battle centric Fortress would have a fun time. Or maybe challenges like "beat this battle opponent this many times" and see what fortresses can do it the fastest.

The same could go for gardening, with certain flowers being wroth cdertain points and growing/harvesting them earns the points for the Fortress maybe? Idk.

Shopping challenges? Idk.

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It's all from here:
Only took out the Fortress based suggestions. These are from 2013, back when they might already have lost support, but these suggestions were made with the old Fortresses in mind, but even so, it's features that would be nice to have in the possible new ones!

It's all copy 'n past, but hopefully, it's still useful!


Fortresses; This is a loooong one
- Being able to change the name of an existing Fortress. Of course, this feature should only be allowed for the owner of said Fortress.

- "Successfully Posted!
You have successfully posted a new message!"
Do we really need that messages? It would be neat if it worked like on the forums.

- "Comment To Long!"
Raise the character limit from a 1,000 characters, to something much much more would really benefit roleplayers. (I couldn't even post half of this whole post in a Fortress.)

- Being able to assign more Staff the more members you have.
E.g. If you have twenty members, then you have two staff slots, and if you have fifty members, then you have five staff slots, etc.

- A 'Members online' feature.

- Being able to edit our own posts.

- Being able to make a Fortress private, thus an invitation is required to join.

- A Search field to find members easier.

- List of members sorted alphabetically.

- List of members sorted by the date they joined.

- A list of ALL fortresses, not just top ten.

- A search function where we can search for both Fortress Name and Fortress Description.

- Alerts when someone posts in the Fortress. Optional.

- Title underneath username to mark position within the Fortress.

- Input box should be placed at the top of all the messages not bottom under 100 posts.

- Mass mailing to members.

- Fortress Polls.

- Fortress Till interest.

- And a rather popular one here: Fortress message boards in the format of a mini Forum.

- And here's an idea for it: Tabs in the Message Boards, with the ability to name these tabs, so that, e.g. Roleplay, Regular chat, Contest would be in different areas to avoid confusing.

And Peatdog3 's post:

Wider Selection of BBCode
- [#ffffff] => Specified hex value
- [font=verdana] => Specified font (with fallback)
- [size=5] => Font size, but maybe with some sort of cap? OR
- [h1]~[h6] => Headers
- [@Username] => When used in a forum post, it notifies user of the "mention" regardless of whether they're subscribed to the topic or not (I remember it was suggested before, but there were some difficulties implementing it)

Forts! (here we gooo; divided into sections)
- Pages: Allow forts to have 10 pages in addition to the default main/members pages. There could be checkboxes to classify them as "All", "Members", and/or "Staff"
- WYSIWYG editor, just like the one used in Verfans, so anyone can make nice, legible fortress pages without needing to have any coding knowledge.

- Currency Manager: Staff can create their own mock currencies to be managed and kept track of somewhere in the admin panel. When they give/take some custom currency to and from a member, they should be alerted. The staff should also have the power to just delete a currency when it becomes useless in-fort.
- Transaction history. Staff should be able to view a table that tells them how much money (and custom currency) other staff members have sent to users in addition to the donation history already implemented.

- Fortress Shops: These shops should function like normal usershops with the exception of them being exclusively for fort members only (and hidden from the Search Shops feature). Staffers can set prices for their items in VP and/or their custom currencies, but only those with certain privileges may remove items.
- Some items should be "Display Only" or even "Hidden from Shelves" for purposes such as featuring contest items or just item pooling among staffers.

- Yes, more staff please! Maybe they can even have custom ranks with special privileges such as being able to touch the shops, currencies, and pages.

- Admin Panel: Mass notifications, Mass boot-from-fort, scheduling automated message boards posts (would be a fun feature!), Mass give-currency, Assign Staff, +New Page, -Delete Page, Edit Pages, and Set Public/Private are just a few to name (depending on which features get added)

- Members List: I agree with the idea of displaying usernames by the date they joined the fort. It would really help out those users with forts that promise to give VP to new recruits.
- A list devoted to "active" members with a "Last contributed on..." message somewhere next to all their names.

- Message Boards! I actually already started coding a script/plugin that modifies the fortress message boards HTML and it has a few concepts in it. Here are the gif screenshots for reference:
- I hope some of them can be added to the new fortresses! I really think they will make it easier to use the message boards. Features included: Cross #hashtagging (alternative to mini forums), visual staff badges, message box at the top with a custom greeting, /shift+enter/ for new lines and /enter/ to submit, hidden dropdown menu (that displays till amount and staff names)
- It would also be great if the new fortresses could include @user support (or otherwise notifications for new posts) and a bit of text under their avatar that lets everyone know if they're online or not.

That would be all. Been waiting ages to just let that all out. :3 Long live your long list, haha.


Again, you can find the original posts here:
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I love the idea of being able to be part of more than one fortress.

And I LOVE the idea of being able to have a fortress item pot or shop. As a restocker being able to supply underpriced items via a shop group to help benefit all members of that group would be great. Especially if everyone could donate to a restocking pot. And a transaction list of items bought with that VP so people could see restockers in action and ensure VP well spent would rock.

I think it was suggested a bit prior as well but the ability to make a fortress private or invite only would be nice.

Custom ranks/staff positions in a fortress would be nice. That way a gardening one could have Flower based names, a restocking fortress could have Buyer/Seller classifications, and a general fortress could have staff members who specialize in areas marked to help newer teammates get an idea of who to ask.

I would absolutely load up a Gardening related fortress if the features allowed it to be easier organized and the group flowers could be kept in a neat area with multiple persons allowed ot pull from it with records via a transactions list.

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To expand on the "more staff members" and "more tabs" idea, maybe forts could be upgradable via a cash shop item?

For example, if I had a fort the amount of members could be infinite, but the number of tabs and access to additional chat/forums have to be upgraded. You start with a level one clubhouse, the next update could unlock a few additional pages, maybe a fort specific custom avatar for members, and another chat area and it could be called a Level 2 Fort. The final update could be further expanded tabs, a fort shop, group gardening area, and maybe "sparring field" where user battles or perhaps group battles could be hosted. Visually this would be a large Fortress with all the bells and whistles compared to the simple clubhouse you start with.

This could either be a cash shop item as mentioned before or maybe an event or FBS item.

As for staff members, perhaps an item like "Staff of anointment" that gives you the ability to either specify staff titles or increases the amount of staff members you can have.
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I'm hesitant on private fortresses as it will limit help and information from new users who are less likely to stick around.

The rest are amazing ideas.
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Maybe to combat private fortresses we can have an option to make a fortress "accept only" meaning if a user wants to join, theres a list of accept/decline, that way you can still control whos in your group!

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Invite only with nothing hidden would be fine.
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