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A warm smile to you she greets as the candy-sweet-smelling, pink she-remudi stands in front of you, behind her a large pink shop decorated with hearts on the outside.

"Hello my dear child!" she yips happily as you walk up, her soft pink tail wagging. "Welcome to my dwelling. I'm Amphiptere, the Remudi of love! Well... I'm not a goddess or anything of the such."

She blushes sheepishly, casting her gaze from yours.

"I just love to spread love and joy. I run the shop here," she gestures to the bright pink building behind her. She perks up again, tail wagging.

"It's called the Valentine's Day Shop, and it only opens on Valentine's Day. I'm currently saving up to buy a lot of pink-colored, love-related, candy-type, or sweet items that promote romantic feelings to sell in the shop once Valentine's Day comes. Until then... I run the House of Love!, an organization organized to spread love throughout Ver, in the ways of secret councilors helping costumers win over the pet of their dreams. "

Growling, she adds;

"Oh, and don't pay any mind to my glum sister, Phessus. She's the Remudi of depression, and she is always trying to get under my co-workers' skin and ruin my businesses. If you see her, don't listen to a word she says!! ... Now, if you want to talk to me, help me with saving up for opening my shop next Valentine's Day, or take up a job and/or request a Love councilor at/from the House of Love, then just stop by! Anyone's welcome, my dear children~"

Then she pauses.

"would you like more information on how to get a job for, or a councilor for your true love, from the House of Love? Then just Vercom Mythel , my master. But I'm warning you. My brothers and sisters will not ask for charge if it doesn't go through, but if your love comes true with their help--depending on their mood--they have been known to charge out the butt. They're stingy. I don't ask for a price, but..."

It was then that she perked up again.

"Would you like more information on my Valentine's Day Shop?! you know, the one I only open on Valentine's Day, starting next February? Interested in helping me stock it by running some missions? Well then, Vercom my master. Any Valentine's Day or love-related item you send me through her, I will pay you double for; and expect it to show up in the shop next year. If you work for me as a councilor, %30 of your pay goes to me to help stock the store."

"Happy RPing with me guys!~ May the spirit of love be with you!"
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