Green Memoria

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Description: Ellie a STW (still trainging witch), and her big sister Scarlet, and Scarlt's friend Dawn, decide it's time for Ellie to learn Spells and witch like things, but what happens when they have trouble? Find out on A Witch's Table

"Scarlet, what ever shall we do? That poor child, has been pleading for the night!" Dawn complained. The crystal ball glowed, and Scarlet sighed. "Awoken one's from slumber, bring back the one under!" She shouted, suddenly Ellie appeared. "Oh dear, Ellie.. Good rest? Slumber alright?" Ellie nodded, and helped her self to some peanut butter jelly sandwiches. "I'm alright Miss Scarlet." Responded Ellie. "But why did you wake me so early!" She huffed, and smiled amused. "W- Well darling, we think... It's its time for you to learn some...Spells!" She smiled. "Basics," she nodded. Dawn grinned. "Yes! And since you've already learned how to fly.. This will be as easy! Concentration applied!" She exclaimed. Ellie's smile grew great big, her cheeks turning strawberry red. "Oh yes! Potions?" She grinned and hopped around the fire place. Scarlet sighed. "No no, too young." She put down her straw, Dawn put down her potion and they both grew quiet. "Tomorrow. Start training." Scarlet smiled. Ellie jumped up and down. "Yes!!!" "Tomorrow!!!! It will be the day!!!!!" She exclaimed.
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