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AHH gonna have to change my mind! You have super lovely art and this is a very generous thing for you to do though!! n v n
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Hnnng....Can I give you a few and let you pick?
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Name of pet:
Clickable link to ref:
Description: His cross is actually going literally through his body, with his back showing the faintest bit of tear where the cross is going through! The chains on his legs are also connected, so his front legs are pretty limited to how they can move due to being chained together.

Thank you so much for doing this! ;__; Your art is always so lovely.
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Werewolf, there is no deadline :U perhaps once I've sold all my pets and gotten rid of my stuff or something idk.

And Pain that's fine, just list them in order of preference.
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You did such an amazing job with , can I ask for a Reinterpret for Dishwasher?
He's a fanpet for a game called Dishwasher: Vampire Smile and Dead Samurai

And some more, fanarty pictures of mine.

If not though, (I know you don't like doing monkeys)

I think any of these would be right up your alley, they're all equally preference, so it's your pick:

I'd like it if you could keep that free-floating, underwater look. She freely transforms between Koi and beast and listens to prayers, occasionally granting wishes. Some say she is, in reality a dragon that lost it's true form.

Wanders through desert sands acting as a mirage come true. Rescues those who are lost and thirsty and grants them rides to the nearest water to regain their strength and continues on to bring them to the place that most wish to see. Only helps those with pure intentions, but is not heartless to those who do not.

The embodiment of not forgetting. She's a spirit/goddess/immortal, that doesn't know a thing about what is and only knows what was. She remembers that which has been forgotten and respects those that have passed on. Traveling endlessly across the world, leaving flowers in her wake in significant places or on graves of forgotten heroes, even those that were very simple and, to other's less important than those who changed history.
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Name of pet:
Clickable link to ref: -- Only differences being that her back legs are regular dog legs which match the front in design. The tail is long and wispy, with no feathers -- and is the maroon shades of the main pelt. I would really like it if there were a giant bead in her tail, the color of the feathers there currently.
Description: This is the song she is based on. I don't know if this will inspire you at all.

Thank you so much, in advance, for even looking. <3
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I'm Discord, spirit of chaos and disharmony.
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Name of pet: Sacred (Pain is just holding the name for me)
Clickable link to ref:
Description: I don't have anything specific in mind, but if a description of his character might help, I'd gladly send you a note over DA or Vercomms.

This guy should be familiar to you~ He and another familiar face, Yokai, are gonna be close pals~.... in some deranged sense of the word. Just wanted you to know that even though there is nothing in their profiles (yet), I have been working on their characters!
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Pair of Loving Plushies
Gotta collect 'em all!
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;; either one is fine.
have fun out there

Name of pet: Hugo or Roxxi
Clickable link to ref: Hugo/Roxxi, links are on profile
Description: they were my cats irl. it'd be swell if you could manage to make them fit the 'divine' aspect - a 'glow'/wings/halo/ect. if you need more photos for refs of whichever one you choose to do feel free to ask and i'll dig for them ;w;
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