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Forum Rules
Verpets is a predominately English speaking enviorment.
Do not post in other languages on public areas of the site. Speaking in other languages is fine in mails and comments, but it is not for the forums.
No offensive topics or language.
Purposeful use of insulting language or topic choices, with intent to harm an individual or otherwise, will be removed without prior warning. Language should be kept to a level suitable for younger users of the site and posts will, if required, be edited by staff.
No excessive use of chatspeak or capitals.
While moderate use of both is acceptable, a post that uses these heavily can be disruptive to the board.
No flooding or spamming of the forums.
Multiple threads on the same topic, multiple posts in a row and repeated posting of one or two word answers where not suitable fall under this general rule.
No provoking or harassing of other users.
Intentional starting of disputes or hassling of another user is not permitted; if you are in a disagreement do not allow it to escalate. Stop posting/, leave the board and contact a member of staff if the problem continues. Decisions regarding the forums are up to the discretion of the staff members.
Editing of posts, including boards.
Staff may access a post to edit the title, remove profanities or correct other problems.
Locking of topics.
If a board has reached it's purpose or is otherwise breaking the terms and conditions, staff are able to lock it. Locking of a board removes the ability to reply to it. All boards are automatically locked after 90 days.
Moving of topics.
If a thread is deemed to be better suited in another forum, a staff member may move it.
Issuing of an official warning.
Official warnings are issued after a severe breach of conduct or after repeated offenses. Continued offenders may be permanently banned from the forums or suspended from the site.