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4,337 topics, 36,144 posts
Want to talk verpets pets? Come on in!
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5,879 topics, 21,866 posts
Restocked something cool? Want to tell everyone about that cool new item?
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Gardening & Mining
162 topics, 2,343 posts
Talk about all the mining you do here, or about the plants you just grew!
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271 topics, 6,197 posts
Hunting for avatars? Admiring custom avatars? Chat here!
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149 topics, 1,477 posts
Fought and won? Looking for tactics? Talk it over here.
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This is where you can discuss anything to do with fortresses!
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New Members
1,790 topics, 8,713 posts
Just joined Verpets? Post here, introduce yourself and make some friends!
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Giveaways & Contests
220 topics, 4,196 posts
Specially for hosting giveaways and contests between members. Good luck!
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Level up your Verbies with community clicks by posting them here!
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Post your work here for admiration, critiques and review!
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Share your writing for all to enjoy in the writing forum!
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Role Playing
1,617 topics, 98,584 posts
The only limit to this board is your imagination!
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Off Topic
1,691 topics, 29,355 posts
You can talk about anything you wish to on this board as long as you follow all the rules!
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243 topics, 4,682 posts
Discuss pressing controversial issues in here.
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Playstation, xBox, Nintendo? If you like to game, post here!
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Music & Media
314 topics, 3,375 posts
Have a favorite band or movie? Want to know what others watch or listen to?
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Polling & Voting
120 topics, 1,457 posts
Poll the ver population on their opinion of anything from current affairs to favourite foods!
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The Site
1,098 topics, 7,122 posts
Post here your ideas to make Verpets even better.
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Bugs & Errors
1,558 topics, 5,221 posts
Problems found on site should be posted here for staff to address.
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Questions & Help
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Users and staff alike can answer your posts of confusion here!
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