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Elite accounts are activated by using an Elite Account Medal purchased from the Verpets Cash Shop. There are two types of Elite Accounts - one for pets and one for users. Elite pets and users have access to bonus features, extra game plays and useful benefits not available to their normal counterparts.
Elite profile badge
30% extra experience from battles
30% quicker at Fitness Center
30% discount at Fitness Center
Special next to name
Stays happier for longer
Prizes from all quick battles (vp & exp only)
Elite profile badge
Elite forum and shoutbox room access
Higher status on the users online page!
Special next to username
Send score more on games (8 a day)
Extra plays on some non-flash games
Gardening notifications
No ads around the site
Ability to upload custom avatars
Bonuses in site events
Extra Frequent Buyer Points on shopping
Unlimited VP & VC prices in User Shops
Extra user shop auto-pricer uses
Unlimited Vercomm storage & boxes