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Playing detective
Dec 21st 2021 @ 6:39 pm
Been thinking lately... whatever happened to the owners of verpets? Is not like there's that much info around the site and certainly the official tweeter account is dead.
Well, I started looking for the mailing address to see if there's anything to be found... and I really didn't find anything, lol
So I started to look into the corporation name thingie, though is hard for me to realize how do these kind of company directories work on the USA (I'm from another country where this kinda stuff is easier to find, mind you)... and I didn't find any actual leads? Is like, there's a shitton of "Aspire Interactive"s out there, and the one behind verpets doesn't seem to have an official site, or at least it doesn't state to have any sort of ownership or relation to this site on their webpages.
Next up would be look into the copyright and see if there's any public info on the register, but I'm not entirely sure what the heck am I doing xD
Aaaaaaaand now I understand what's actually going on. I had a hunch but I hoped things weren't this bad... In case you read this blog and want to know about my findings... I don't know, vercomm me I guess? My throwaway mail got locked xD
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