Sporks's Blog - I am gardening (And so can you!)
I am gardening (And so can you!)
Jan 30th 2012 @ 3:41 am
Hi hi.
This is where I am keeping my info about my gardening stuff, and since it's a public blog, you can stalk my progress too!

My Garden- verpets.com/go/rke
My Seeds- verpets.com/go/rvo
My Flowers- verpets.com/go/rvp
My Equipment- verpets.com/go/rvq
Recycle Race [ 769 pts ]- verpets.com/go/13d
Flower Power Shop [ 169 pts ]- verpets.com/go/yyb
Watering Pump- verpets.com/go/lbu
Livi's Quests- verpets.com/go/00a3
Flower Verpedia- verpets.com/go/5ob

Quest Status
You are currently on level 67.
Livi is interested in these flowers:
Rain FlowerBeautiful Ten ThousandDay Lily

Current Profit/Spending
Lvl 6-3,000 VPBribe
+2,748 VPMusa
Lvl 7-3,500 VPBribe
+1,759 VPBlue Bells
Lvl 8-4,000 VPBribe
+2,056 VPRed Iris
Lvl 9-4,500 VPBribe
+2,487 VPLilacs
Lvl 10-5,000 VPBribe
+3,090 VPCrazy Fly Trap
Black Fur Scarf
Lvl 11-5,500 VPBribe
+1,360 VPYellow Iris
Lvl 12-6,000 VPBribe
+5,956 VPGreen Envy
Lvl 13-6,500 VPBribe
+6,303 VPCordyline
Lvl 14-7,000 VPBribe
+5,483 VPMidnight Carnation Flower
Lvl 15-7,500 VPBribe
+5,847 VPBeautiful Ten Thousand
Periwinkle Egg
Lvl 16-8,000 VPBribe
+3,806 VPWrathful Blossom
Lvl 17-8,500 VPBribe
+1,712 VPSemper Augustus Tulip
Lvl 18-9,000 VPBribe
+6,517 VPGreen Envy
Lvl 19-9,500 VPBribe
+8,683 VPGrays Lily
Lvl 20-10,000 VPBribe
+3,112 VPGreen Envy
Lvl 21-10,500 VPBribe
+10,130 VPCelestial Moon Flower
Lvl 22-11,000 VPBribe
+4,925 VPBunny Orchid
Lvl 23-11,500 VPBribe
+9,900 VPMoonflower
Lvl 24-12,000 VPBribe
+7,813 VPWhite Daffodil
Lvl 25-12,500 VPBribe
+4,151 VPWhite Daffodil
Felione Fangs
Lvl 26-13,000 VPBribe
+11,871 VPCordyline
Lvl 27-13,500 VPBribe
+12,792 VPCrascordy Flower
Lvl 28-14,000 VPBribe
+11,028 VPTiger Lily
Lvl 29-14,500 VPBribe
+4,615 VPWrathful Blossom
Lvl 30-15,000 VPBribe
+8,776 VPPurple Pansy
Crab Dinner
Lvl 31-15,500 VPBribe
+3,488 VPCelestial Howler
Lvl 32-16,000 VPBribe
+3,319 VPHibiscus
Lvl 33-16,500 VPBribe
+15,744 VPGlass Rose
Lvl 34-17,000 VPBribe
+6,177 VPTropical Parrotbeak
Lvl 35-17,500 VPBribe
+13,087 VPPurple Hyacinth
Violet Egg
Lvl 36-18,000 VPBribe
+4,248 VPYellow Daffodil
Lvl 37-18,500 VPBribe
+3,832 VPLilacs
Lvl 38-19,000 VPBribe
+15,298 VPDandelion Flower
Lvl 39-19,500 VPBribe
+15,513 VPWrathful Blossom
Lvl 40-20,000 VPBribe
+9,103 VPRed Rose
White Fur Scarf
Lvl 41-20,500 VPBribe
+7,791 VPSunflower
Lvl 42-21,000 VPBribe
+5,052 VPPurple Pansy
Lvl 43-21,500 VPBribe
+14,679 VPPurple Foxglove
Lvl 44-22,000 VPBribe
+16,758 VPTiger Lily
Lvl 45-22,500 VPBribe
+6,565 VPLilacs
Lvl 46-23,000 VPBribe
+11,185 VPYellow Daffodil
Lvl 47-23,500 VPBribe
+9,985 VPYellow Iris
Lvl 48-24,000 VPBribe
+16,092 VPWhite Angel Trumpet Flower
Lvl 49-24,500 VPBribe
+8,286 VPSnow Flower
'Rose' Avatar
Lvl 50-25,000 VPBribe
+21,325 VPTiger Lily
Heart Egg
Lvl 51-25,500 VPBribe
+13,133 VPMoonflower
Lvl 52-26,000 VPBribe
LIFELINE( Dragon's Tongue )
Lvl 52-26,000 VPBribe
+8,477White Hyacinth
Lvl 53-26,500 VPBribe
+10,781Blue Bells
Lvl 54-27,000 VPBribe
+12,699Orange Hyacinth
Lvl 55-27,500 VPBribe
+22,843White Daffodil
Fang Feather
Bead Bracelet
Lvl 56-28,000 VPBribe
+25,611Semper Augustus Tulip
Lvl 57-28,500 VPBribe
Lvl 58-29,000 VPBribe
Lvl 59-29,500 VPBribe
+15,415Gabriel's Beloved Saffron
Lvl 60-30,000 VPBribe
+24,808Gabriel's Beloved Saffron
Soggy Robot Toy
Lvl 61-30,500 VPBribe
+12,466Crazy Flytrap
Lvl 62-31,000 VPBribe
+27,042Gabriel's Beloved Saffron
Lvl 63-31,500 VPBribe
Lvl 64-32,000 VPBribe
+16,789Mosaic Flower
Lvl 65-32,500 VPBribe
+17,633Crazy White Rose
Lobster Dinner
Lvl 66-33,000 VPBribe
+8,382Purple Pansy
Lvl 67-33,500 VPBribe
Total:-518,606 VP

Currently Growing
Fressia Seed [1 plots]: Tended by Inverse
Planted on 02/04/13 [ Expected Harvest on 04/04/13 ]
Gray's Lily Seed [3 plots]: Tended by Fractal
Planted on 02/04/13 [ Expected Harvest on 06/04/13 ]
White Hyacinth Seed Pod [4 plots]: Tended by Phi
Planted on 02/04/13 [ Expected Harvest on 07/04/13 ]
Firewheel Seeds [3 plots]: Tended by Charlemagne
Planted on 02/04/13 [ Expected Harvest on 09/04/13 ]
Purple Hyacinth Seed [2 plots]: Tended by Eau
Planted on 02/04/13 [ Expected Harvest on 08/04/13 ]
Black Seed X White Seed [5 plots]: Tended by Mesasaki
Planted on 27/03/13 [ Expected Harvest on 10/04/13 ]
Not Fertilized
Glass Seed [3 plots]: Tended by Deja
Planted on 02/04/13 [ Expected Harvest on 13/04/13 ]

Next Set of Flowers
??? [1 plots]: ?? days to grow
Replacing Brown Seed
??? Fertilizer
Red Iris Seed [2 plots]: 2 days to grow
Replacing Purple Hyacinth Seed
Acidic Fertilizer
Cordyline Seed [3 plots]: 7 days to grow
Replacing Gray's Lily Seed
Recycled Love
Fairy Fan Seed [3 plots]: 9 days to grow
Replacing Glass Seed
Recycled Love
Purple Pansy Seed [3 plots]: 7 days to grow
Replacing Firewheel Seeds
Balanced Fertilizer
Honeysuckle Seed [4 plots]: 6 days to grow
Replacing White Hyacinth Seed Pod
Acidic Fertilizer
Black Seed X Red Seed [5 plots]: 14 days to grow
Replacing Black Seed X White Seed
??? Fertilizer

Seeds needed for Gallery
Amazonian Orchid Seed Bunny Orchid Bulb Cornflower Seeds Crystal Seed Larkspur Seed Livianas Beloved Seed Old Button Olive Seed Poppy Seeds Purple China Aster Seeds Sweet Briar Hip White China Aster Seeds

Flowers needed for Gallery/Quests
One Plotters
Three Plotters
Livianas Beloved Flower
Four Plotters
Sweet Aster
Five Plotters
Dragon's Tongue
Six Plotters
Baby Blues Candy Corn Flower

Duplicate Seeds Needed
Amaryllis Bulb x2
Black Seed x2
Brown Seed x1
Firewheel Seeds x1
Gabriel's Beloved Seed x1
Glass Seed x1
Gray's Lily Seed x1
Musa Seed x1
Orange Hyacinth Seed x2
Purple Hyacinth Seed x1
Semper Augustus Seed x1
White Daffodil Seed x1
White Hyacinth Seed Pod x2
White Seed x2
zephyrix says...
Sub'd. :3
I stalk the Sporks.
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