Soniaa_46's Blog - The Sonia and the... Wait, Fable isn't here.
The Sonia and the... Wait, Fable isn't here.
Nov 19th 2008 @ 1:33 am
Soniaa: *waves* Hello everyone!

Fable can't be here tonight/today. But we still have our next victim- I mean, guest, grape!

Soniaa: Grape! Interview time, eh?

1. What's up?

2. How did you get the name 'Grape'?

3. Batman is currently watching, anything you wanna say to him?

4. ...We gonna egg the shops or what? 8D

Grape: 1. THE SKY! OO AND GAS PRICES! BUT LATELY THEY ARE SORT OF GOING DOWN. Like... the ground. I pick answer A! Er I mean sky!

2. I... I honestly don't know. People just.. started calling me that. BUT ITS SMEXXI NO?

3. HI BATMAN! I LOVE U! I KNOW ME AND YOU ARE GOING TO WORK OUT, NO ROBIN WILL STAND IN OUR WAY! I am going to create a gigantic statue of you, in gold, one day. I love you Batman. YOU ARE ALMOST AS GREAT AS ME! AND THAT'S AN HONOR!

4. I call for "fruiting" the shops. Tomatoes, anyone?

Soniaa: Tomatoes are awesome, so no. How about... Green Grapes?

*hands GG*

Lets GG the place! (GG is Green Grapes)

*GG's the shops*
*heads back to studio*

G'night/day everyone! *turns off lights*
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