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Paranioa? Aliens?
May 3rd 2010 @ 4:57 am
the past couple weeks ive felt constantly nervous. i havnt been able to sleep right, i feel like things are watching me. my first initial thought was, "aliens!" odd, because thats not like me, ive never feared the thought of aliens. things just dont feel right with me, over the months everything has been getting really distorted. i only wish my psychiatry appointment was sooner, i havnt slept at all in two days because these things are watching me! i just dont want to lose my mind before i can even get help. i try to write this here so that maybe if i write about it or talk about it, it will go away. because i know its just in my head.
starfy123abc says...
oooh you gonna be abducteeeeeeeddd girrrrrrrll
dude420dotcom says...
Once I was abducted by aliens, I was sleeping in my room that has a big bay window off to the left side of my bed, in the summer sometimes I would leave it cracked. Once night in july 2012 I felt sick to my stomach, took some ginger pills and went to sleep. I woke up at aprox. 2:07 am to see a dull green beam of light coming through the crack in my window. I got up to investigate, after that I can't remember anything but I woke up in the back yard under the trampoline, it was raining and muddy and I never told anyone because I was scared they'd lock me up or come back and assassinate me, keep your eyes open dude, anything could happen.
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