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Little Balls of Clay
Aug 31st 2019 @ 2:33 am
Have you ever rolled a tiny ball of clay between your fingertips? Round and round until it’s a perfectly smooth, tiny ball. Every so often you add another bit of clay and even out the imperfections by rolling it more and more between your fingers.It doesn’t take much effort. You can even do it while focusing on other things. You can read a book, participate in a sport, play a game, or write a book. All the while you roll the ball and the next time you look at it, you’ve started rolling it between your palms because it’s grown so big. It isn’t that big of a problem. You can still ignore it while doing other things, even if you can’t do everything you used to. You can take a bath, eat a snack, go on a walk, or lay down even if you can’t fall asleep. Ignore the ball, just do other things so when you decide to get up from watching tv or failing to sleep you find that the ball has become so heavy you can barely lift it at all. It’s hard to roll now. You should throw it away, but you’ve put so much work into it.. As you stare down at this perfectly smooth, round ball of clay you begin to wonder why you ever did it at all. At any point in time you could have set it down, but you didn’t and now you’re stuck with this horribly heavy burden.

That is what stress is like. What starts out small and easily ignored grows out of control with neglect. Sometimes we're so busy ignoring the ball, we even forget things we should be doing instead. It seems silly to ask someone to take the ball from you, it's just a stupid ball of clay after all. But the thing is, we all entertain little balls of clay at times, and nobody should have to carry around a burden.
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