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Pet Goals
Aug 14th 2019 @ 6:16 pm
A list to help me sort through and maybe complete some goals.

Absynthe: A bartender with a knack for poisons

Afterlife: Anubis, a god trapped in a mortal body. Make Death, get Overlay.

Antihero: A superhero? that uses antimatter. COMPLETE!

Appaloosa: Unknown

Apparition: A grim reaper looking to ascend. Change name. Make female. Finish Overlay

Archaic: A dark spirit giving refuge to the cryptids of the world. Make overlay.

Avale: A former Hufflepuff journalist. Change name.

Avalon: Realm of the faeries. COMPLETE!

Bast: Goddess of cats and protector of kings trapped in a mortal body. Make Overlay.

Biohazard: A man infected with a strange new plague. Apply overlay.

Bloodlust: A hunter for a secret society. COMPLETE!

Brimstone: A dragon and his rider. COMPLETE!

Caprice: Fashionable daughter of angels and foxes. COMPLETE!

Chimaera: A bioweapon in mostly human flesh. Get Overlay.

Dezhnyov: Secret operative turned mercenary for hire COMPLETE!

Dj: A Foundling Prince currently serving as a detective Make Overlay.

Doubloon: Pirate extraordinaire! COMPLETE!

Ember: Demonic host and all around criminal Make Overlay

Faire: Unicorn struggling to adapt to the modern world. Make Overlay.

Farewell: An immortal who is forgotten everytime he dies. COMPLETE!

Festival: A sacred kitsune trying to break traditions COMPLETE!

Folklore: A witchy woman from a long line of witchy women Change name to Tome-Keep current name

Fool: Foolish keeper of fate. COMPLETE!

Free: Put name on Uncontrollable and Sell base.

Goodnight: Keeper of dreams Make overlay

Grimm: Not all stories have happy endings. Some lessons are hard. Rethink design

Holmes: Eccentric genius seeking motivation Make design.

Honeycomb: A cheerful fairy who thinks she's a honeybee Apply overlay.

Human: Sell

Indulge: A succubus with a little angelic heritage Change name. Make Overlay.

Jabberjay: When high school is like the hunger games it's hard to be a quiet nerd. Make Overlay.

Kastiel: A stone statue who comes alive every so often Make Overlay.

Lobo: Abandoned son who discovers an inhuman exterior to match his wild nature. COMPLETE!

Loner: Work on bio Make Overlay

Love: Work on bio

Madhouse: Genius tech kid who lives an alternate life in his head and online. Work on design.

Meow: Young child who lost their family and gained a new, murderous one. Create overlay. Make Teacup

Midsummer: A faerie hidden among cosplayers and festival attendees Create Overlay.

Miracle: Half demon just trying to find where he stands in the world. Create Overlay.

Moccasin: Work on bio.

Nico: A black knight unicorn. Create Overlay.

Numinous: Creator of masks and destinies. Create Overlay.

Ohayo: A dawn of a new age in the land of the rising sun. Create overlay.

Pooka: A pampered pet with a secret. Work on Overlay.

Prankster: A werewolf who can turn into just a little more. Switch names with Shapeshifter.

Predator: Work on bio.

Primeval: Work on bio.

Religion: An angel who's lost his way. Find new Name. Make Memoria. Apply Overlay.

Reynard: A smiling assassin. Apply Overlay.

Roar: Former soldier turned killer for hire. Create Design.

Shapeshifter: Work on Bio Switch names with Prankster

Sociopath: A sociopathic scientist who wants to bring people down to his level. COMPLETE!

Songbird: A musician seeking to fly away. Create Overlay.

Storyteller: Faerie Foundling. COMPLETE!

Sven: Yokai halfling with a chip on his shoulder. COMPLETE!

Teahouse: Work on Bio Use Uzumaki's design. Make Overlay.

Temple: Kitsune wanderer. Mother of six. Lover of angels. Make Overlay

Tokyo: Work on bio.

Treats: Daughter of all things scare and beware. Find new name. Apply Overlay.

Trinity: Booksmart daughter of a celestial and a yokai. Create Overlay.

Trust: Magical delinquent who can influence anyone Make design.

Uncontrollable: Wild child daughter following her parents' criminal lifestyle. COMPLETE!

Uzumaki: Release

Vulpine: Shinobi with a foxy secret. COMPLETE

Watson: Aspiring doctor caught up in a genius's antics. Create design

Wayfinder: Keyblade master who doesn't know who she is. Create Overlay.

Wolfhound: Mercenary who is starting to question his life choices. COMPLETE!

Yama: Yokai exercist raised by humans. COMPLETE!

Yokai: A woman possessed by a many faced yokai. COMPLETE!
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