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Making an Art Shop Thread
Jul 24th 2011 @ 2:19 am
If this offends some, rest assured I did not mean it.

It's a long read- but it's worth it.

A common overlooked aspect to the lucrative art market on Verpets is the presentation.

After all, a shop is no shop without proper content.

And you want your costumers to walk in and buy something not walk in, scoff, and leave.

Naming a Thread

More of a biased view on my part, but naming a thread with anything close to 'Shoppe' is not very appealing. We aren't old English men are we?

Less on that though, but as a standard the thread name must always convey the messages, 'I want to draw', and 'I will draw for you- for a price.'

Good names do NOT have special characters of any sort. Why? Not all browsers are as fancy as yours and you wouldn't want your thread title to be seen with random boxes now would you? Also no names in any language but English- English speaking site, not kawaii desu desu okay?

Of course, names like 'Shadow Thread' or 'Jumping for Joy' are HORRIBLE names. Sure, they're fancy, but at a glance nobody would guess they are actually art shop threads. Let's face it, not everyone has the patience to click all the threads in hopes of uncovering an art shop.

A simple 'Art Commission Thread' would work for our purposes, but you can be creative too. Just don't go overboard and pick some ridiculously long name that will, in the end, get cut off anyway.


Lots of people tend to ask this- and the answers are varied and oft times not very helpful in deciding.

So, while some people say they can't do it, the best option in terms of pricing is to price it yourself!

Think of it the other way around, if you were to buy your art- how much would you honestly pay for it?

If that doesn't help- look around at other threads and compare art and prices to see which pricing bracket your art fits into.

Sure, you can get input to help you decide but just be wary of the users who suggest a price range that fits their budget. Since that's completely different from finding the actual price range.

Pricing your art yourself is the best way to go. Your art prices don't have to be the same for the entire duration of your art shop. Getting too many commissions for a certain price? Increase it. Getting too little? Decrease it.

Pricing is a competitive and game-breaking component of the art market, you need to LEARN and adapt to it.

Also, on the matter of VC, while I rarely see VC-worthy art on the market I won't go off to say that VC-ART transactions are unheard of. Still, if you're not selling art that goes for at least 500k VP in the market, I don't see the sense of asking for 500VC.



Can't draw hands? Feet? Paws? Wings? Backgrounds? Anatomy?

Quit using 'I am not good at that' as an excuse. If you want to sell art- you might as well put the effort to actually perfecting (also read as: getting better) at it.

I'm not saying anyone has horrible art, but honestly, if you draw like a three-year old kid, nobody would want to buy your art. You want to sell art; people want to buy art.

The only problem is making people want to buy your art. And how do you make people want to buy your art? Practice.

So go practice some traditional sketching, open up a few decent drawing tutorials- draw from life.


Thread Layout


Setting up an art thread with 'Pay what you want' while easy on the buyers is not very smart on your end. Especially if people are not behooved to pay you top price per transaction.

Chances are, you'll get underpaid

And you wouldn't want to spend hours on a drawing only to get paid, what, 15k VP? Less? You're an artist- not a fool.

You must always set a base price. Whether it be an item or actual VP- the base price must be there. You're the artist, you shouldn't be under the heel of your commissioner. Remember that.

Afraid that setting a base price will not net you more VP? Ridiculous! Banish that thought! Most users who REALLY like your art (because you put in honest effort and whatnot) may pay more than your base price.

Remember a base price, also known as the floor price, is NOT the ceiling price- hence, paying more is always an open, unspoken option for your buyer.

As for layout, tiny thumbnails are okay. Linking to bigger pictures, better. And link to your best pictures, give varied examples of the same style to really drive your skill level home.

Please link to the image itself not to the Photobucket album or Deviant Art page. It helps speed up load time for those with slow internet connections and this way, people can't snoop around your photobucket accounts or deviant arts and uncover some embarrassing pictures of yourself.

Also consider linking to individual pictures instead of making potential commissioners browse through your art portfolio. It makes it easier to know which pieces belong to which style and which style you're willing to do.

You can make your layout all fancy- but make sure it's easy to read. A basic layout looks something like this:

VERY short intro post (optional)



Long introduction post? No! Stop it. I'm sorry, but nobody really cares. People are looking for art not your life story. That's life.

NEVER demotivate yourself or trash your art. I cannot begin to fathom why anyone would downplay their art in their own art thread.

Saying 'I know I suck- but I'm selling this anyway'

is pretty much this:

'I expect people to buy my ugly art.'

If you think your art is horrible- just practice. You'll get better. So DO NOT downplay your art. At all. That's not good entrepreneurial practice.

MEET THEM. You can extend sometimes- but seriously, just make time for your commissions and finish them on time. If you're busy- college, school, work, etc.- WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TAKING COMMISSIONS. Stoppit.
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[NEVER demotivate yourself or trash your art. I cannot begin to fathom why anyone would downplay their art in their own art thread. ]

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