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Zelfore & Grape
Dec 20th 2008 @ 2:55 am
Grape has so much love
For old Zelfore
She and him are buds
And oh so much more

They skip and they sip
They hug and they snug
They go together
Like bugs under rugs!

Zelfore loves Grape
As Grape loves Zelfore
Together they reach the sky
Together they soar

Zelfore hearts Grape
Grape hearts Zelfore
Buki is a bear
Holy crap there is more!

Romance and lurve are topics you see
That Zelfore and Grape have easily
Can’t you see the chemistry?
Zelfore Grape are meant to be.

BBChild says...
This is awesome XD
Buki says...
I'm a bear.
Enchantix says...
I'm a squirrel.
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