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Praying Mantis
Aug 26th 2010 @ 6:42 pm
I found a praying matis when I was at the store with my mom. It looked like it had been hit by something. Maybe a shopping cart. I started to cry since it was dying. :c My mom picked it up and we took it home. The praying mantis seems very close to death now. We decided to set it on a plant outside. I hope it will recover, but that seems highly unlikely. At least the praying mantis won't die somewhere where it is likely he will be stepped on frequently. I named the praying mantis Larry, but I don't know if he is a boy.
Daisy98 says...
Aww. :c I hope Larry get's better.
gummiepandas says...
Aww... Larry.

We had a Yellow Garden Spider in our window I named him Jephro. He was so pretty. But then my dad killed him. At fist he was just badly hurt and missing a leg but then he hit him again. D=
I feel your pain.
chile_the_chinchilla says...
I used to collect matis-es. :o

The poor guy :(
glovem1 says...
I feel the same... there was a baby rabbit we found, but it died the next day. We tried to feed it, but it needed milk from its mother. He was paralyzed and bitten in the leg by our cat. I feel sorry for Larry.:(
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