FallenAngel66's Blog - Eggs I need ;;
Eggs I need ;;
Apr 18th 2017 @ 3:24 am
I am willing to trade for eggs I need. Here's the list: Bichi Egg Blue and Green Stripped Egg Carl Egg Cephalin Stamped Egg Champers Egg Charming Egg Creature Catcher Egg Decorated Aviatrin Egg Decorated Cobrataur Egg Decorated Haika Egg Decorated Muffalo Egg Egg of Death Eggstravagant Joe Egg Elite Egg Gem Egg Green Feetie Egg Lapis Egg Leeroy Egg Nightflower Egg Pink and Blue Striped Egg Pink Feetie Egg Pink Paisley Egg Posien Egg Scuba Diving Egg Shoutbox Egg Silver Egg Snail Egg Snake Egg Striped Flint Egg Sunflower Seed Egg The Egg Head Toadstool Egg Troll Leeroy Egg Unartistic Egg Wooden Egg Wrapped Egg Yellow Spotted Egg Zombie Egg
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