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Verpets: The Musical
Aug 24th 2010 @ 1:22 am
Act 1, Scene 1

curtain opens to reveal an individual with a blank expression sitting on a chair

***cue music score 1

Joe_ / Narrator: (sung) Let me show you this world, close to our own, that many people have called their home. Let me show you a place full of drama and laughs, where people can make it big or fall far behind. Our little story starts with a group called the moderators, who are known to keep things just as they should be...

***cue music score 2

Pray, Seither, Youko: (sung) When it comes to those who step out on line, we are always there to stop any crime. No one will have to fret anymore, for we, the Moderators, have much in store...

blackout; one by one, new members of Verpets appear on stage

Newbie 1: Oh, what a world; so splendid, you see, but is it a place for little ol’ me?

Newbie 2: It seems quite a nice place, I say, but it is somewhere I want to stay?

enter masked individual

Masked Individual: (sung) Oh, what silly questions you ask! Of course it’s the perfect place for you all! Just look at all the opportunities: friends, forums, fortresses and fun! Why don’t you join, partake of some? We’ve got games, blogs, shopping and more. But the best of all: pets galore! From Aviatrins to Denmakls, Sanctums and Drachs! The possibilities are endless; this is a fact. And with the opportunity to color your pets, even more doors open up unto you. So many things you can do in this world, so what are you waiting for? Join Verpets!


‘Verpets: The Musical’ is an original idea, created out of the boredom of me, Distraction. It is not meant to be in any way hurtful or offensive to anyone here on Verpets, or in the real world. Please do not use this without my permission. If I have written you into the script and you do not want to be, please message me and I will rewrite it to your satisfaction. Much more to come; this is only a smidgen of what I have planned. Enjoy!

Lilyka says...
Awesome! You are very good
Medli says...
Yesyesyes. A million times yes.
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