Dante's Blog - Win an Elite Account! [CLOSED]
Win an Elite Account! [CLOSED]
Aug 12th 2008 @ 7:16 pm
Heyyy everyone! I'm making this blog to let you know that I (Dante) will be holding random contests. Winners will get an Elite account, sent by me. If you don't know what an Elite account is, go to this page: verpets.com/go/1fi

None at the moment!

Past Winners:
+FlowerMeadows /Joke contest, 11-06-08

+Ichigo /Haiku contest, 02/27/09


+What are the requirements for entering?
/You have to be at least 3 months old. Thats really all at the moment...if I think of something else I'll put it here.

+Where do I send my entry?
/To Dante. Please do NOT submit your entry on a comment. Vermail her your entry only.

+Dante! Your inbox is full D8
/I check it daily, if it's full I'll try to clear it asap.

+Shoot! I submitted the wrong answer. Can I resubmit?
/Um, no. Sorry! Once is enough, thanks.

+Can I win twice, three, no... FOUR times in a row?!
/You wish. Let other people have a chance please! If you win a contest you must wait until two more contests are complete.

+There hasn't been a contest in like, a month. Wth?!
/Aww! I'm sorry I have a life. =( You guys should know that I'm going into my second year of college so I'll be hella busy. I'll get to contests as fast as I can, mkay? =)

+How long do contests usually last?
/Depends what the activity is.

+Dude! You are SO cool man! 8D
/You meant "Dudette! You are SO cool girl"...right?

/You're ugly.

+Whats a
/Its kind of like a naughty list. If you're on it then you can't enter any more contests FOREVER!

+And ever?

+I feel you favor people =(
/I'm sorry you feel that way.

+What kind of contests?:
/These contests aren't going to be "Who can bribe me the most!". It's going to be something like "The person who can make the best joke." or "The first person to solve this riddle."...something fun like that.

+Why are you being so kind?:
/I have the money to do this and its a way to get people to join, so why not eh? ;D

+Who are the judges and whats their purpose?

+Looking for one more...

When you hold a contest, it's better to have a second or third opinion. Just because one person likes an entry doesn't mean that everyone will like it.

Sorry, everyone has to have rules or things will get out of hand, ;_;
+No bribing with items or vp. You have to win the game fair and square. If you are caught asking for a badge to any of the judges, they will tell Dante, who is the head of all the contests (and prizes), and she will block you from any of the contests...which means you'll be put on the blacklist. (Oh snap O.o)
+If you don't win, don't be a poor sport. There is always a next time. If you flame, annoy, or harass any of the judges, you will be on the blacklist automatically.
+Enter ONCE on every contest. Don't give Dante more then one mail after you submit your entry...if you bug her asking "Did I win yet? Can you tell me if I win? Oops! I think I got the answer wrong, can I resubmit?" You will be ignored and laughed at since you didn't read the rules.
+Chatspeak = ignored. If I can't read your entry, your entry will not be accepted!
+If you break one of the rules and I put you on the blacklist, I really wont give a crap if you Vermail me saying "But I didn't see the rules! Please don't put me on the blacklist! I wont do it again!" I put all of the rules and Q&A in here for a reason.

Blacklist OF D00M!!:
None. Omgsh good job yall! =D
kitty989 says...
lol I like how you write!
(Oh snap O.o, Black list of doom!,you will be laughed at...) sounds like things my friends would write. Thanks, you made me smile today!
wolfypup7 says...
Im definatly entering :)
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