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Viral Storm Quest Guide
Sep 26th 2014 @ 6:31 pm

LAST UPDATED: 09/29 7:14pm Ver time
THE QUEST IS OVER. Hope you enjoyed participating!

Current test chamber notes: [x]


Disdain's Fugue

Tarina's Daiti

AgapeLove's Wanderlust (now Ambrose's Matrix)

Shiori's Ranina

Nightcrawler's Kimiko


Phoenix's Tony


As a new owner of one of these Viral pets,
I'd like to share what we've discovered so far about the Viral Storm and how to get the rewards this event offers:

In order to complete Nurse Rachley's 20 quests, you need Viral Orbs. These are found by random event as you go around the site. Anywhere you have gotten random events before, you have the chance of finding a Viral Orb. This means the Inventory page, Main Shops, the Mines, the Medical Center, etc. Visit these pages often to increase your chances of finding an Orb.

Having a Four Leaf Clover (available in the Cash Shop for 500VC) in your inventory increases the chance of ALL random events occurring, but how much it does so is unknown.

If you still still can't find Orbs through events, you can buy them off users for around 50k VP/25 VC each through the swaps or shops. If you buy all 20, that means a total of 1 mil VP.

Not only does the Nurse want an Orb to complete a quest, but she will also ask for a random item. This can range from very rare/unbuyable to extremely common (200 VP).

I noticed a trend where she likes to ask for holiday items, even Eggspired Easter eggs. If you're still going through your 20 quests, I'd recommend you hoard up on eggs and holiday goodies of all kinds.

If she asks for an impossible item, it's no big deal. Wait the hour until she lets you do another quest, then try again. You get to keep your Orb from last time because she won't take it from you without the other item she wants.

Once you complete a quest the percentage bar goes up slightly. This bar represents the site's overall progress in supporting the research. Your own personal progress is at the bottom of the page, where Nurse Rachley says you have completed x/20 quests.

From my experience and from what I've heard, completing all 20 quests doesn't take more than 2 days if you go hard at it (and have enough of the items requested).

So how do you get one of these pets?!?

Once you get done with all your quests you have the option to volunteer one of your pets for science,
once per day and only one time per pet.

If it goes well, the Nurse will say your pet is reacting strangely and will keep them at the Medical Center for closer study.
If it doesn't, your pet will have its stats slightly decreased.

Some important notes on offering up pets:

* Compatibility is based on species, not color/gender/etc
* Your pet doesn't have to be viral- it can be a basic color
* Successful testing gives an otherwise unobtainable Viral color and doubled stats
* Pet cannot be busy with any task such as gardening when being tested (they get held at the hospital)
* You can only offer up a max of ONE compatible pet for this event. Once you get a winner, you're done.
* ONLY ONE PET ACCEPTED PER SPECIES. This is a new rule that came into play after Round 1.

So that your pets don't get unnecessarily punished, here's a list of the species that WON'T work:

Incompatible Species:
Antorg *
Drach *
Felione *
Izret * - confirmed cynical, didn't work in 1st or 2nd round
Ksholo- confirmed Shiori
Panju- confirmed Shadow_Wolf
Sanctum- confirmed Shadow_Wolf
Vulkit- confirmed Carl
Wakeer- confirmed Lemonlily
Warumono- confirmed Riah

* These are the ones that have been tested in the 1st round of research and weren't accepted. I'm just assuming they won't work in the 2nd round, but if you're curious you can try one of them to see if things have changed.

There is also the idea that Prehistoric pets aren't compatible, but this hasn't been completely tested yet.

No-Longer Compatible Species:
Berpunny- confirmed Nightcrawler
Charow- confirmed Lemonlily
Remudi- confirmed Shiori

These are the species that either the news post announced would no longer be accepted, or that were accepted in the 2nd round and no longer qualify.
It's safe to say you shouldn't try one of them.

And for everyone who likes to's all the ones that might work.

If you'd like to test out one of the below species, or have ALREADY tested one of them, please let me know so I can include the results in this guide.

This will save everyone time and make it easier to find the other winning species.

Unknown Compatibility:
Chien- Phoenix testing
Memoria- Phoenix testing

Ambrose says...
It's likely that only the ones that seem to be in need of a redraw will be accepted, as it's 99% probable that these are sneak peeks at redraws, based on the image URLs.
Cherrii says...
Hmm yeah maybe. I messed around looking at the URLs and they were both labeled viral_2, just like the other species with multiple Viral versions. And the regular images before them do look kind of old haha.
singingbadger says...
Good guess, Ambrose! Will have to case the Virals and see what I can deduce. Speaking of deductions, you might check out ...
Shadow_Wolf says...
I offered up a sanctum pet and it was rejected ;o;
Cherrii says...
Aww sorry ): I'll add that to the list
Shadow_Wolf says...
My Panju has been rejected as well xD
Lemonlily says...
Wakeer is not compatible.
Charow appears to be compatible.
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