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Advanced Cricket Bets
Mar 26th 2018 @ 12:47 pm
With the invention of online cricket betting the new forms of cricket betting are also invented. These forms of cricket betting are new and give chances of betting in the running match. So it is called in-play betting. This form of betting allows bets to be placed during the course of a match and lifts the restriction of only being able to place a bet before the match has started. Cricket is known as perfect sport for in-play betting. There is a lot of option available in cricket as T20, test and one day cricket are available. Cricket gives a lot of time to think about the bet because the matches runs long as test matches runs for 5 days in a row. There are so many reasons that can change the match during the course of a match which can change the cricket match predictions. For example a cricket team is betting at 100/1 in a test match and looking very good to score a big target. But suddenly the weather changes and goes in the favor of bowling and the betting team falls down 4 wickets in the interval of 20 runs then the betting team comes at the 120/5 situation and doesn’t properly score a good target. So the betting predictions can change according to the factors which can affect the match.