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Soap's Journal
Aug 13th 2010 @ 10:05 pm

Soap's Journal - v2 One Year Ago

Hello there! I'm Soap, in case you didn't analyze the cover of my journal correctly. Note that this is a journal, not a diary. I note tons of stuff here and broadcast it all over the Verworld! I'm very adventurous, but there is a longing sadness that sticks to me. I was deserted from my home colony several miles away from the Sandy Beach during a massive lightning storm that centered around the countryside. I crawled up to a hill not far from the marketplace. Swarms of strange blue clouds were rotating around one specific hill, and lightning repeatedly struck the rocks atop that hill. I couldn't see much more, however. Hailstorms copper and silicon forced me to take refuge under my shell, and it remember being picked up by the winds and getting spun halfway around. The storm continued for days, and I ended up having to feast on whatever flew towards me. It wasn't that bad though, since most of the time fresh fish from the docks rained on me.

Anyways, back to talking about my colony. I was a messenger of the king, the mighty seahorse. I knew of the storm, and I was sent to warn other colonies of it. But what we didn't know was when the storm would hit. I was halfway between the shoreline and my colony when the massive blue clouds appeared! In a flash, literally, they turned purple! But get this- instead of releasing water, it rained highly conductive material, like silicon and copper. Thunder cracked and lightning flashed everywhere! This happened at night, too, which added to the devastation because the high tides were kicking in. I couldn't tell where I was, and I ended up drifting to shore, where I took refuge under one of the palm trees until I had enough strength to move up that hill.

Next Step UpOne Year Later / Present!

I've familiarized myself with the island. I've been walking around and making friends since last year, when I arrived at this island. It's full of contrasts! The mountains never melt, and at the beach it never gets cold. Its as if everything had a set function. Oh, and things are always changing, too. Upon my recent swim to the lava islands, I found that the volcanos and land size has increased dramatically throughout the year. Maybe it's because of the hot-spot beneath it? But things on this island don't really follow the laws of science. Like you need tectonic plates to create mountains, and things like that. But that's what I love about this place! Through my scavenging, I've found many items and I've decided to start a vending machine event!

The Vending Machine Event

I've printed flyers to hand out to everyone! I have one of them tacked in my journal; just look to the left. I hope this becomes a big success for all those pets who need their basic needs met. Oh, and if the jackpot is empty, don't fret. I have loads of things in my backpack! It'll be a surprise! Also, you have a chance of getting an additional easter egg from the vault, too! They randomly pop out~! The link to see the jackpot is right here. Click on it to view my stock! The item categories are on the right, and please read the description to figure out how to use the machine! Have fun!

The Adventure Continues! / Entry 14 hours later

I've let the Vending Machine self run. It's been doing great! Several items were added to the vault after several customers were served! I'm now walking down the beach, of course, in my anthropic form (which will be shorted to anthro throughout this journal). It was a lovely scenic view... until I heard a familiar cry of help! I couldn't make out who it was just by the sound of their voice, but I knew it was close. I spun around to face the sea, and I saw a drowning figure! Without skipping a heartbeat, I leaped into the air and changed back into my Anolia form. I tucked my head in my shell, and started spinning myself forward, doing an Anolia-styled cannonball. I landed in the water next to helpless figure with a loud 'SPKLASH'. The water around us shot outward, allowing me to quickly see who the figure was before the water settled again. I grabbed it and placed it on my shell. Looking back, I saw it was none other than Farge! I shot towards the easternmost part of the beach, where I laid him down under the thick vegetation of palm trees. "What were you doing out in the ocean, Farge?" I wailed at him. But inside, I felt a sentimental feeling knowing that we were reunited after so long.

I could tell that he was weak, but it most likely wasn't from almost drowning in the ocean. Changing back into my anthro form, I walked over to a coconut-house and came back with a Teal Rolling Cooler. I opened it and discovered an iced croissant, a strawberry cupcake, a red plum, strawberry-vanilla flavored pudding, and a blueberry Balkane muffin. Nothing was healthy but the plum, so I gave that to Farge. I also gave him the muffin and a quarter of a watermelon slushie. I let him wash it all down with a half canteen of water. I left him to sleep under the trees while I played in the sand.

When Farge woke up a few minutes later, I dried him off with an Olympic towel and gave him a beanbag to rest his back on. He explained to me that he was an island not so far away, and he had somehow drifted to the shore while he was sleeping. He had almost floated peacefully to the shore when he woke up and panicked. The weird event has caused a bit of good, though. Farge and I were glad to be together again, and we had many tales to talk about! Farge dried off his wings and tried to stay afloat in the air, but his wings quickly shriveled up and he landed on the ground with loud 'KA-PLUNK'.

I insisted that he rest longer, and so he did. Later, he mumbled something, being half asleep and half awake. I could only make out the words, 'tornado' 'warning' and 'shelter', but that was enough for me to carry him to the medical center. The nurses cleaned him up while he was still sleeping. He fully awoke a few minutes after that. With one glance around the room, he darted out the door and flew down the hall, and I literally meant flew. His wings were working again, but he had to keep from bumping into wall lamps and hanging light fixtures. He yelled, "Why are we here? Didn't you listen to me about that tornado warning? We gotta get shelter!" I thought the hospital provided enough shelter, but I supposed he wanted to be far away from the tornado, too.