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Bounty - Hylathar Mercenaries
Nov 10th 2019 @ 5:43 pm

This Bounty board is available only to pets that have joined the Hylathar Mercenaries. Members of the mercenary enclave are welcome to take on any challenge at any time. While there are no official ranks within the mercenaries to worry about, there is also a lack of team work. It's every thief, trickster, and shadow for them self.

Bounty Types

The Hylathar Mercenaries aren't some fancy soldier group. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty either. They specialize in difficult tasks that take time to master. Any challenge is open to any member and most compete against each other for fame and fortune.
Water Gun | Hired Muscle
VP and equipment rewards await those who take down the target in the method requested by the contractor.
Star Bubble | One or Another
Two sides, two rewards. Which one is worth more to you? Just keep in mind that the client you disappoint is unlikely to hire you in the future for some time...
Dove-Winged Orb | Black Market Run
Someone put in a delicate request. Someone wants this and turning it over quietly will yield a tidy reward. Just don't get caught, it's a contraband item. Beware! Potent and Ibo have some, er, strange wish lists.
Book of Secrets | Anything you can do
Multi-step and very difficult these rare contracts can only ever have 1 person claim the reward. The high end valuables offered by clients however, are worth it. Rumor has it, one such client has a big bounty coming with the festive season. Best be ready though, these such tasks can be extremely difficult even for a seasoned veteran mercenary.




Water Gun | Hired Muscle A
Defeat Fredali using only one element. (1xHeart Blade, first to complete)
Water Gun | Hired Muscle B
Bring down the Felione with only fire based abilities. (25,000vp, first to complete)
Star Bubble | One or Another A
Fredali and Buck are competing for new business in the Ver city center. They want to show off their great sales. Both want you to spend 35,000 vp in their shop on new items and complete 8 or more of their shop quests to show off their good business. (35,000vp, first to complete)
Romance says...
Claiming One or Another A:
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