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Bounty - Nightflower Militia Board
Nov 10th 2019 @ 5:07 pm

This Bounty board is available only to pets that have joined the Nightflower Militia. Members pets of the militia must at all times be ready to defend the Ver Isle. The NF Militia operates based on a ranking system with higher tier bounties open to higher ranks.
The Militia ranks are as follows:
  1. Recruit - 0-15 Bounties
  2. Soldier - 16-50 Bounties
  3. Officer - 51-150 Bounties
  4. Champion - 150+ Bounties
  5. Field Medic - Participate in 50+ Duo/Trio Bounties
  6. Supply Runner - Gather 50+ supply boosts during bounties

Bounty Types

The Militia has a wide variety of bounty types. These are what types of tasks a member can expect to see post on the Bounty Board.
Wraths Big Book of Battle Tactics | Training
Awards typically VP, equipment, or stat boosters - Given for completing a training assignment such as increase specified state by X, Get X boosts while training, or defeat Target in specified way
Star Bubble | Civil Service
Assist a shop keeper in a specified way or complete a quest for a specific Veropian citizen, awards typically common item batches(10-30 items)
Green Gardening Gloves | Going Green
Complete the task at one of Ver's nature locations such as the gardens, beach, or mines. Seriously who keeps leaving verbies down there? awards typically feature use-able items(seeds, flowers, picks, shells, etc.)
Luck Charm | Odd Jobs
One of a kind tasks considered high priority that usually only allow 1 person to complete them but may be difficult. Rewards vary from moderate to rare items, VP stashes, and seasonal supplies.
Crystallized Sunlight | Duo/Trio Teamwork
Awards typically mix of common/moderate items to each team member, tasks are varied and require teamwork.
Nightflower Sword | MILITIA WIDE
These rare bounty types are calls to action for all members of the Militia. When these happen no other bounty can be completed until the issue is resolved. These often have the greatest rewards including VP, VC, Rare Items, etc.


- Recruit 1/15


Wraths Big Book of Battle Tactics | Training A
Get 2 or more training boosts in one go. (x30,000vp once per pet)
Wraths Big Book of Battle Tactics | Training B
Get a stat increase from the Lava Monster. (x10,000vp once per pet)
Wraths Big Book of Battle Tactics | Training C
Get any stat on a pet less then 50 in all to 50. (x5,000vp once per pet)
Star Bubble | Civil Service A
Recycle 10 or more of any item in one go with Eric. (10 low tier random items, once per pet)
Star Bubble | Civil Service B
Turn in 5 different pick axes to Cavo via Shop Quests. (1 Wooden Net, once per pet)
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