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Bounty - Open Board
Nov 9th 2019 @ 10:24 pm

This challenge board is an Open Board. Any pet/user may participate in any of the below challenges. Upon completing the challenge you may send a screenshot to the Commander to collect your bounty. (You may also submit images via Discord) Golden Coin icons mean the reward is flat VP amount listed. The Lucky Coin rewards the flat amount of VC listed.
Some bounties are open to be completed multiple times and others only the first person to do so may collect the reward. The reward image is listed on the left side of the board and the theme/hint is always listed on the right side of the board.
After completing 5 Bounties of any tier a pet may choose to join either the Nightflower Militia or the Hylathar Mercenaries. Members of the Militia often have the chance to complete things multiple times and don't often have to worry about other Militia members competing against them for work. Mercenaries will find more competition for work but may find more generous rewards.

Tier One Bounties

Golden Coin x500
Investigate the Haunted House - Reach level 2 as a Haunted House Explorer. (Each User x1 time)

Golden Coin x1,000 Acropora Coral
Learning to Swim - Collect 6 or more shells on a single scuba dive. (Each Pet x1 time)

Golden Coin x5,000
First Steps - On a pet with 50 or less in each stat, achieve Novice rank. (Each User x3 times)
New Kid in Town - On a pet with 50 or less in each stat, obtain badges for Hixolean, Evil Penguin, Cobrataur, The Felione, Fredali, and Sweet Candice (Each Pet x1 time)
Ghost Hunting - On a pet with 50 or less in each stat, defeat 8 ghosts with different weapons (Each User x2 times)

Tier Two Bounties

Golden Coin x35,000
First Steps - On a pet with 150 or less in each stat, achieve Squire rank. (Each User x2 times)

Hot Water Anolia x1 LM Quest item
Feel the Burn - Have the Lava Monster award a pet with one of his battle skills.(Each User x5 times)

Tier Three Bounties

Diamond Pickaxe xBasic Resupply Set Impure Ore
Diggin' for Not Gold? - Reach Tin tier mining on a pet and remove 5 coal, 3 copper, and 2 tin from the mines on one trip(First Three To Complete. See reward in Swaps 1/3)

Claimed Bounties

Basic Collection Completer Tokenx1
Boosted Market - Have 2 or more stocks at more than +20% value.(Claimed by Cherrii)

Lucky Memoria Coin x50
Flower on a Flower - Obtain any Orchidoid when harvesting a flower (Completed by Phen)

Lucky Memoria Coin x50
Supply Run - Obtain each of the following: 1 weapon with at least 4 different offense elements, 30 pieces of iron or greater ores, 2 stat boosters of any type, 1 Nightflower Oasis reward, and any text with 3 or more study opportunities(Completed by Phen)

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