Alina's Blog - Lovely Shell Necklaces - A Quest Guide
Lovely Shell Necklaces - A Quest Guide
Jun 9th 2019 @ 3:17 pm

Useful Links

1. Scuba Diving
2. Necklace Making Quests
3. Shells Safebox

Basic Quest Information

This information is my opinion based on experience questing. Hopefully it can help others make a profit.
Every 3 hours you can attempt to help Orchard craft a necklace. She requires 10 shells to do so. While giving her all ten shells will give you the max payout(35-45K), you can walkaway at any time between quests if you have not agreed to get the next one. Once you have completed half the quests the payout at least starts to be decent for giving her only a few. But at least 3 should be completed before you walkaway.
I aim to have as many shells as possible, but the list below are hte ones i try to always have 1-2 of before I quest as they are higher rarity and generally cost too much in usershops to be worth buying for quests. I have never seen her ask for the CS or referral shells, the sunken coins, or the Year shells. (If anyone ever does let me know and I will add that information.) And yes, for some reason Orchard thinks dead trees makes great jewelry. She does ask for the pirates hat, posien song sheets, and her own Orchards Necklace. Don't ask me why, I think she's just not great at this. She'll ask for these:


1. Build up your hoard of shells before you start trying to craft necklaces.
2. Don't quest if you lack at least 1 of each shell over R60. (See hoard list below.)
3. Don't buy a shell over 2,500vp in the usershops unless it's the last quest or 9th.
4. NEVER buy a shell over 7,500vp unless it's the very last quest and you haven't spent more than your profit aim.
5. If you use mining or surfing to grab the 3K needed to pay for Scuba diving it won't dent your profits too badly while you build up a shell hoard.

Hoard List

Any shell over R80 I try to hold at least one of before I start questing. She doesn't seem to often ask for the same shell more than once. But the shell pool is fairly large. The Pink Spider Conch is R79, but stills makes my list.
Apple Murex ShellAuger ShellBeaded Periwinkle ShellBleeding Tooth ShellBlue Deep Sea Crystals
Blue Teacup ShellDull SeahorseEnchanted ShellGaudy Natica ShellGreen Teacup Shell
Junonia ShellKings Crown ShellLeafy Sea DragonNinja StarfishNovel Scallop
Orchards NecklacePear Whelk ShellPink Spider ConchPosien Song SheetsPurple Teacup Shell
Red Teacup ShellRock BarnacleRoyal PearlSand PesoSnapping Clam
Spider ConchWorm Shell
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